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Base building is an important end-game activity that is currently broken.
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Bases are too easily/quickly destroyed. This, combined with the time it takes to collect materials and build makes for a lot of demoralised players.
The current building mechanic punishes dedicated players who try to do things and rewards griefers.

This has been discussed a lot in the Barely Infected Village community discord where large build projects are constantly being stripped to the posts when the base owner is offline/even away for 30 minutes. The general consensus is that it's not worth building anything. This is a shame because the ingredients are all there and bases promote great interactions and good PVP - all the things that make us love this game. To clarify, we are not concerned with breaking a wall to raid a base. The problem is in how easy it is for one person to delete a base entirely.

Some possible fixes included:

  • making walls much harder to destroy
  • limiting base destruction tools and increasing their rarity

The current base build balancing feels unfair. Not in the good DayZ way where you can lose everything in an instant - it feels unbalanced.


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belle created this task.Jun 10 2019, 4:39 PM

Agree. The amount of time to break down a wall is ridiculously short and should be changed. Weeks of building and collecting items destroyed by 60 seconds knocking a wall with common tools is far away from being balanced.

I totally support this thread. Devs need to fix this as soon as possible.

Geez changed the task status from New to Assigned.Jun 12 2019, 11:45 AM
Geez added a subscriber: Geez.

Hello everyone.
There are plans for tweaks for the basebuilding in the future. However, we do not have any estimates as to when this will take place.

Just wanted to add my 2c worth - my group recently lost a great base, many days of work and good community interactions, totally eliminated in a 6 hour window. This urgently needs fixing. Thanks Geez.

Same just happened to me after a server reboot. Everything including stored loot is gone. Wtf? Please fix!!

Same just happened to me after a server reboot. Everything including stored loot is gone. Wtf? Please fix!!

And it just happened again to what little bit I could build back up this time. Seriously, what’s the point right now? Please fix this so restarting servers does NOT wipe out everything players build in the game.

Why dont't we seriousely increase the time it takes to take down a wall? It can work as a temporary fix until the better one is implemented.

They tend to not waste time on temporary fixes

The traditional thing they do is just to remove the offending object from the game until they get round to fixing it

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belle added a comment.Jun 5 2020, 12:14 PM

You did good :)