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Bindable Input Actions don't show up in the Action HUD
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I've made an action and changed the default input for that action and it doesn't show up in the action HUD.

After a bit of tinkering of the code I have managed to get it to show but it isn't usable as the action does not properly fire. I am sure I could get it to work but it would be much better if this was handled in game by default.

That is what I am talking about though it is instead meant to show the key it is binded to, in this case the H key by default.

What needs to be done:

  • Allow actions to be shown that aren't input UAAction
  • Show the action with the input key if it is rebound to another key.


  • To inform the player that they have to press that key to perform the action.
  • A player doesn't press or hold F/mouse button to play the action. Instead it would be bound to another key by default and use the action system.

Use case:

  • Players would be able to see that they can press the L key to toggle on the NVG while it is on their head
  • Players would be able to see that they can press the H key to "Toot Horn" for the vehicle in DayZ Expansion


Operating System
Windows 7

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