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Arma 3 low fps and degrade over time because of sound error, found what it cause (ssAdv)
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I found a way to reproduce this bug with low fps, even if literally nothing is happening and map is empty.

One of the biggest reason why its happen is bug with “ssAdv”. Even after I delete everything from map, I still have low fps (40 from 120 at start) and everyone on the server, until they restart their clients or just randomly fps goes instantly to normal.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Download mission file (works fine with mods/ vanilla, same results)
  2. Play scenario in eden / on dedicated server. Bots will spawn after 15 seconds.
  3. Wait until bot counter reaches 1000-2000 (best way to force it to happen early, it could take some time. Just leave game with camera pointing at every bot. No worries, only spawn max 40 bots at same time. I think this could be skipped to just 100-200 bots and fps should go to lower values too.)
  4. Watch your fps goes from 120 at start, 60 from spawning bots to 20-40 after couple of minutes
  5. Stop spawning script when you see 20-30 fps (in my case, depends on PC), delete every bot from map with this command (exec it on server):

testing = false;
{deleteVehicle _x}forEach allDeadMen;
{deleteVehicle _x}forEach vehicles;
{deleteVehicle _x}forEach allUnits;

  1. Watch your fps stay at similar fps that was with bots, and goes to lower values with each minute.
  2. If you have “profiling - Performance Profiling Build” enabled, use command:

diag_captureFrame 24;
and see what causes it.

  1. After copule of minutes of doing nothing, fps could go back to original state (120fps) or just slightly lower, 100fps in my case. If you wait couple minutes more, they should go back to original state (120fps my case).
Additional Information

I think that everyone encounter it, because it happened after every firefight. Fps suddenly drops, and goes down with every minute. Sometimes after some time it goes back to normal fps, or “just enough”.

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i forgot to upload photos:

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I can confirm such behaveour of the game. The issue is very severe as it affects every player on our server. The symptoms are same as described: fps on client machines degrades to low values at some random moment without any particular reason. diag_captureSlowFrame gives the following picture:

The performance shapshot:

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