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Team menu item for the subordinate unit "Open Equipment" does not contain a list of all items of equipment.
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In the list of teams for a unit, in the menu of actions "6" all options of places of rearmament aren't displayed.
When you give the command to a unit "to open equipment", it goes only to a box which is in the list for replenishment of a stock.
There is an opportunity what the unit would open equipment there where you want to make it, but occupies it more time and can not work some cases.
If in the menu of teams there is a list of all places where it is possible to open equipment, the list dump will turn out too.
I suggest a menu item equipment to open extension of the list which has to contain the list of points for opening of equipment (not a recharge). The list has to contain names of places of equipment:

  • box.... NATO.....
  • the machine gunner or another (the killed units)
  • car....

and another available in a radius of 25 meters.
I have the same view of a menu item of actions for a unit "6" for a recharge. Has to have point a recharge and open the list of names of the place of a recharge, available in a radius of 25 meters.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Arma3DEV 1.б9
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