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ZOOM in VEHICLES / AIRUNITS / LAUNCHERS dont work anymore (its need to pressing key 20-50 times)
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Hello I'm German. Hope you can understand what I mean.

Its an new, but very big problem since last update. Unplayble and I have no more idea how to fix it. I'm level 100+ in KOTH and have 1000hours of play. SO THIS PROBLEM WAS AT NO TIME BEFOR (and I didnt change anything in game)!

The Problem / bug:
In all Vehicles and Airunits and Launchers ANY ZOOM of Gun / commanders is not more useable! If I press once a zoom key ("+" for example) of gunner or commander NOTHING happens. I have to press most of time 20 times, sometimes 50 times (really 50 times!) the zoom key until I get 1 (!) zoom step. To zoom more in, or out too, I have to press 20 - 50 times again.

To zoom at 1st or 3rd view of vehicles and infanterie works fine!

Befor the last update, the zoom works ABSOLUTLY 100% PERFECT. I changed zoom keys, I changed my keyboard, I change the zoom keys to mouse ... i chanced settings to lowest performance and view distance .... But all the time the same problem. BUT ONLY WITH VEHICLE AND AIRPLANES GUN ZOOMS!!!

Seems like lag. But there is ABSOLUTLY NO problem or lag with Vehicle / Airunit Gun shooting, use commander smoke, set gun distance etc. All that works fine and in the moment I press a key...

This problem still there, also in in training area, or empty servers. But at server with some Players on it, its much more intensiv.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
AMD Phenom 2 X4 940 Processor 3Ghz, 8GB RAM
Steps To Reproduce

Go in a tank. Drive near KOTH-Maincity with players indside (not emty server). Distance of 3km or less (not important).

Use tankgun Zoom in and out. --> 20-50 times pressing the zoom keys to get 1 zoom in / out step.

(its not important if you look into city or arround, or backside of your tank) (not important if use normal look, thermal look, or nightvision)

Additional Information

I have to press the keys much more If I use the zoom in a distance where I can look to KOTH city with much players. (3km away f.e.)

I have not the best PC. Most of time I play KOTH with 90 player servers with Framerate of 15 - 25.

But I play it since 1 year and with the same PC and settings. Sometimes a normal lag. But no time any problems or stug with Keys. And now ONLY with ZOOM.

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@Maribu, this issue sounds awfully similar to these issues: T121720, T121732, T121837, T121855, T122000, and T122049. Please search before submitting a new issue.

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Should be alright now, can anyone confirm?

confirmed. works fine now

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