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Unresponsiveness of the Zoom in Tanks
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Since patch 1.66 when you look at a place with a lot of ingame activity, the vehicle gun-zoom does not work as intended.

I tried this in a round of KotH. When I am in base I can zoom in the gunner seat in my cheetah as fast in and out as I can hit + and -.
When I move to a hill where I can look into the city, the zoom is not working as fast and basically it can take seconds until you zoomed in OR out again.
When I tun my turret and look the other way (ocean where nothing is happening) everything works fine.
I tested this in a Cheetah and all friends(4 people) I played with have the same problem.
We have steady fps at the time (mine was 40).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Be in the gunner seat of a tank with zoom in first person.
Look at a location with lots of activity.
Zoom in and out.

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Storm117 changed Operating System from Windows 7 to Windows 10 x64.Dec 2 2016, 1:59 AM

same issues.
same in apc.

Was not fixed with the update, still very bad.

Okay, I made a video after 6 weeks without any fix - friends with well over 1000h in ArmA stop playing the game because of this.
This is also not the worst, some people can't zoom at all anymore. I can with button smashing, but it doesn't even work for me when there is lots of multiplayer activity on my screen, see the vid here:
YouTube Link

This is a really big issue for King of The hill communities & I assume any community that runs servers with high population. Hostile Takeover is loosing a lot of players with TONS of hours in server because of this semi game breaking issue.

Thanks if there is anything we can do to help take care of this we would be more than happy to help reproduce it.

Alwin claimed this task.Jan 17 2017, 9:47 AM
Alwin changed the task status from New to Reviewed.

Hello guys,

We´re very sorry for delay. We´re investigating the issue with zoom right now. I´ll ask you about patience it can take a some time.

Thank you very much for you cooperation.


I tried the issue reported by you in Editor and zooming (cheetah, scopes) is very quick even in case of big battle in front of me.

Can I ask you to make a repro video?

What I need:

  1. Disable all mods
  2. Go to Eden Editor (for example Tanoa island)
  3. Spawn some enemies in front of you (make a long range) - you can spawn Blufor and Opfor unit against themselves too
  4. Add script this allowdamage false to Init to all units (including you)
  5. Spawn yourself as Gunner in Cheetah (spawn yourself somewhere farther from the battlefield)
  6. Add Gunner some rifle with long range scope (in loadouts)
  7. Try to zoom on fighting units and check zooming speed )in Cheetah)
  8. Try same think with scope after step 7 with Gunner (get out from Cheetah)
  9. Send us recorded video and add comment to ticket how it worked

Thank you

Have you considered that the problem might be related to network activity and thus to arma netcode? How do we reproduce bugs like that in editor?

Alwin added a comment.EditedJan 17 2017, 1:30 PM

@_enoch_ It seems that you can´t. I tried to reproduce this bug in Eden and SP and everything works fine. We´ll try to test it on KOTH server.

Alwin added a comment.Jan 17 2017, 4:03 PM

Hello again guys,

The issue with tank zooming is related to network activity and view distance. I´ve tested it on several KOTH servers with low and high population. I was able to induce the problem only on high population servers.

Low population - Zooming works smoothly and quick on the short and long distance.
High population - Zooming have delay (as video mentioned) on the both distances

It´s the core of whole issue. We´ll contact server admins to resolve this.

I will ask players about patience.

Thank you all guys for your cooperation

I have this problem in the game arma 3//**italic text**//

Sorry, was not at home during the day.
It is just multiplayer with lots of people, but you figured that out yourself.
At least we know now that you are working on it. Have a successful week. ;)


Sorry, was not at home during the day.
It is just multiplayer with lots of people, but you figured that out yourself.
At least we know now that you are working on it. Have a successful week. ;)

Who can help me

Wrong thread mohamed. Create NEW arma 3 bug in top right corner.

And contact ArmA 3 support via support email/contact form.

I want to add that this also occurs regularly for me in an escape from tanoa game and an A3 wasteland servers on dedicated boxes with great connections. Has happened on both altis and tanoa maps. Just more info to add.

Thanks for looking at it.

Hostile Takeover

And contact ArmA 3 support via support email/contact form.

I have the required work

Alwin added a comment.Jan 18 2017, 9:33 AM

@mohamed117 Could you create a new ticket plz? We´ll take a look on it there.

Thank you

Thank you I've discovered the solution and you repair my problem

@mohamed117 Could you create a new ticket plz? We´ll take a look on it there.

Thank you

@mohamed117 AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. You know what... You are welcome.


The zoom is a massive problem. I can no longer snipe on any server with a population over 20. Please fix this. Unplayable. -WARHAWK

I would like to says I have the same issue and have more than 1000h on this game since this is broken I have stopped playing Arma 3 because of the this bug. By please fix this

Same. Issues make game nearly unplayable.

It would be a great help if this bugg gets fixed so quick as possible. Think about it. The possibility to zoom is essential in quick combat. If it gets fixed more people would play aigan. I have like 3.6k hours in this and the game becoming inplayable because key features breaking is terrible. Thanks for working on the probl I would say.

Good day to you all.

This issue makes tanks almost unplayable, as half the things you shoot at are small and you can't zoom in or, moving too quickly and you can't zoom out. Really takes the edge out of tank gameplay making it really unbearable.

SK added a subscriber: SK.Jan 23 2017, 8:48 AM

Hi guys,

We´re investigating this issue now. It has a high priority for us. Keep patience please.

I've had this issue with the tigris, its annoying trying to zoom into an area where I know there is enemies but need a better view of them and not being able to zoom into them in time.

Please find out what CREATED this bug and REMOVE whatever created it. These bugs (like this, and the Tanoa wheeled ground vehicles not moving, some months ago), should be resolved within a matter of hours, not months.

Microsoft Windows has a "rollback" function, where you can roll-back your system to previous settings, if new settings F up the system. I'd recommend implementing something like that, in Bohemia's own updating process. If a new update breaks something major (like this), then roll-back the update. Undo it.


  • BlackfootGunner, Hostile Takeover Gaming Community

Bug trap has been installed:
IP: & Ports: 2302/2402
(first port infantry, second normal - both HC)
We will meet in 2h15min - so 7 PM CET to fill it up and reproduce the bug. Please join one of the servers.

HT is going to bring people as well

HT is going to bring people as well

I plan on being there with HT to help debug! This isn't only a tank/vehicle zoom issue...this issue relates to weapons also. As a sniper, I depend on fast reaction time when zooming in/out for fast shots. If the zoom doesn't work right, the opportunity is lost and the person has moved from a suitable location for head explosion to occur. Please fix these issues. They're seriously bringing down game play fun.

What's HC/HT ? (not hardcore & hyperthreading or?)

What's HC/HT ? (not hardcore & hyperthreading or?)

HT is "Hostile Takeover". Only the best server/group in the Arma world. :D

Hostile Takeover

HC is hardcore, meaning that both servers are first person only.

We nearly filled the server today and multiple people reported having the glitch in game durring the test run

Any info, do you need more data? Did you catch it when it happened?

Alwin changed the task status from Reviewed to Acknowledged.Jan 26 2017, 9:08 AM

Good to see some progress on this. Currently I can't justify using tanks due to the frustration caused by this bug.

tanked added a subscriber: tanked.Jan 28 2017, 2:16 AM

Good to see so acknowledgement. Such a small bug that you wouldn't think would cause so much damage, but it is very frustrating when playing just because of inconsistency

killjoer3f added a subscriber: killjoer3f.EditedFeb 5 2017, 12:27 AM

@_enoch_ It´s network activity related issue as I wrote you in this ticket

Yes Alwin it is related to network because we have noticed that it happened in an optic with zoom option ou laserdesignator when two players use them at the same time.
If used alone there is no problem...
In our serveur we use :

R3F Armes 3.4.2
Task Force Radio v0.9.12
C.U.P. Terrains 1.2
F.F.A.A. v6.0.5.2

Any update on if the test server worked/collected the information that was needed? Is there anything else we can do to help this along?


Alwin added a comment.Feb 6 2017, 1:41 PM

Under investigation, guys. Keep patience, please.

Thank you very much.

Since how many weeks do you reply with "under investigation" now, Alwin? Please give us more information about the progress. It is a VERY urgent issue. ArmA 3 is unplayable in it's current state for thousands of ArmA 3 players.

Awesome!!! Will try

Of course it is and it worked fine.

Hi, guys please let us know if the zooming works correctly now. We must to be sure if issue do not persisting further. The more responds from you, the better.

We´re sorry to you for waiting. I hope it will be fine now.

Does only client need the performance exe or server too? Also has it been released to Steam update already? (Haven't been home the past days)

I have not tried it yet (Gone til the weekend) but have heard its all good now in dev build! Thanks Alwin

And wtf, isn't "1.67" a NEWER version number than "1.66" ? Wtf happened there guys? o_O O____O wtf? xD

LOL not working on Wasteland servers (it seems server needs to be on performance server exe TOO to work!!!)

DanielNL has not updated to 1.68 yet bro

razazel claimed this task.May 17 2017, 6:10 PM
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razazel added subscribers: Alwin, razazel.


this issue should be no longer present, can anyone confirm?

razazel removed a subscriber: Alwin.May 17 2017, 6:11 PM

Can confirm.

KOTH admin, can confirm it's fixed. Thanks

Pi closed this task as Resolved.Jun 12 2021, 4:22 PM