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Unable to zoom in/ Zoom jammed on scopes
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The other day when I was playing on a server I ran into some emergency situation that requires me to snipe, after attaching the LRPS on a rifle I found out that my zoom in was jammed, after the scene I tested with some other scopes (AMS, Khalia and some modded as well), turns out their zooming was jammed too, I have tried both changing the control of zooming and smack the + key on my numpad but neither worked, there is something I have noticed, this occurs (either jam or not zooming at all) when there are some people on the server or the fps got bit low, I believe this is a bug that resembles the "unable to hold breath when fps gets low" bug from the earlier patches back in 2015, BI please do have a look into this issue


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Steps To Reproduce

enter a random server with a bit of load and try to get a scope with bit of magnification on rifle then zoom in

Additional Information

This issue only happened after update 1.66

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@ShepherdShang, this issue sounds awfully similar to these issues: T121720, T121732, T121837, T121855, and T122000. Please search before submitting a new issue.

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Should be alright now, can anyone confirm?

It is working as intended now.

This issue is not fixed or has begun reoccuring. unable to zoom with any scope that has an adjustable zoom no matter how many times i hit + or - on the numpad.

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