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selectPlayer Break Respawn System
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after selectPlayer is used to select a 2ed unit you can not use any respawn systems. maybe related to


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce


  1. create 2 Units in the Editor Name both Units(player = p1 other Unit = ai2)
  2. enable Respawn System (respawn=3, respawnDelay = 0, respawnDialog=0) and create a respawn Marker


  1. Execute selectPlayer ai2
  2. kill your self
  3. Respawn Stop Working

if you switch Back to your Old Unit the Respawn System works again

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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the attached mission in MP
  2. Press ESC > Respawn. Wait five seconds to respawn.
  3. Press ESC and execute selectPlayer p2 via debug console. Player should be switched.
  4. Press ESC > Respawn
  5. No respawn time is visible but a slightly blurry screen. The respawn is broken.

Further infomation:
If you execute selectPlayer p1 after the issue occured, you'll be switched back to the original unit as intended but you keep the blurry screen. Respawn with this unit works normal.

Log of EntityKilled, EntityRespawned, TeamSwitch, Killed and Respawn events:

14:21:40 ["EntityKilled",[p1,p1,<NULL-object>]]
14:21:40 ["Killed P1",[p1,p1,<NULL-object>]]
14:21:45 ["Respawn P1",[p1,p1]]
14:21:45 ["EntityRespawned",[p1,p1]]
14:21:55 ["EntityKilled",[p2,p2,<NULL-object>]]
14:21:55 ["Killed P2",[p2,p2,<NULL-object>]]
14:22:10 ["EntityKilled",[p1,p1,<NULL-object>]]
14:22:10 ["Killed P1",[p1,p1,<NULL-object>]]
14:22:15 ["Respawn P1",[p1,p1]]
14:22:15 ["EntityRespawned",[p1,p1]]

This shows that EntityRespawned and Respawn events for p2 are missing. TeamSwitch event does not fire at all (this is intended behaviour I guess).

Respawn time:
playerRespawnTime starts to count down from five to zero when p1 is killed.
When p2 dies playerRespawnTime does not change and returns -1 at any time. Using setPlayerRespawnTime to change it, has no effect.

Checking allVariables on both units resulted in the following variables not existing on the p2 unit:

Copying these manually after switching the unit does not fix the problem.

Related issues:

Seems to be impacting Battle Royale as well. Now, when players disconnect, no event is fired to notify the server, and AI takes over the body. (body should die / not be transferred to server)

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Thanks a lot for the info and repro missions provided :)

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Should be fixed in new hotfix, can you confirm?

yes we can confirm that this is fixed.
thanks for the fast fix

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