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Rearming for AI Broken (WAY TO FIX IT)
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When a firendly AI have no Ammo for his main weapon and having a pistol, and there is body nearby with ammo for THE SAME weapon but WITHOUT pistol, and we will give him order to rearm, he Will do nothing (just say "ready", and start yelling "No ammo" after minute)

When Dead body have diferent ammo/weapon He will move to dead body, animation of taking ammo will start, but he will have no ammo at all (take only grenades).

Please, delete rearm action from places, bodies that dont have same weapon as selected unit (stop including grenades and any other items, just include magazines), remove depedency from pistol or any other second weapon when rearming. Also when we are giving order to our team - take weapon XXX, our team should take magazines to this rifle as well.


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Windows 7 x64
AI Issues
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Spawn you, your teammember (one, with pistol & rifle and with 2% ammo), and guy with exacly same weapon, without pistol (enemy) in front of you, standing his back to you. Start mission kill him, order your man to rearm, check his inventory.

Try this ^^^^ on various places & distances from dead body or some ammo crate.

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Tsnfsdnfkjsdn added a comment.EditedJul 27 2016, 12:19 PM

Another situation :

It seems to be connected with secondary weapon (pistol this time). Ai is completly ignoring rearm order , beacuse he "think" there is no ammo for his pistol (He want to rearm pistol + Rifle at once) - he will not rearm at body where there isnt ammo for pistol and rifle at once.

Tsnfsdnfkjsdn added a comment.EditedJul 27 2016, 12:22 PM

In this situation, me and my team member have weapon AK-74M, enemy have AKM. Order was simple - take AKM (from body), my guy taken AKM, but did not taked Ammo. Now imagine this situation on battlefield where is 10+ bodies and famous arma action/order manu NOT show at which body action will be executed, and our guy can run half of map under enemy fire to get few magazines. Its a milsim, right, please fix it. Automaticly when taking other weapon, he should get magazines for it.

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Please, do seomething about it. I cant hear :

  • "7 rearm at this damm gey"

(right after the command)

  • "7 : ready"

After minute or 2 ..

  • "7: No ammo!"

Increasing time before ammo check IS NOT A FIX!

Orcinus added a subscriber: Orcinus.Jan 8 2017, 9:58 AM

Rearm was broken at least as far back as A2. The hassles with rearming your team sre a frequent cause ogf getting killed off. The whole rearm/gear system for one's team is unfit for purpose.

Thank you Bohemia for zro changes in this case, if same bug will appear in Arma 4, maybe finally you decide to fix it in Arma 5.

It is a pity that the developers ignore this ticket. It's a bad policy! It's a stupid policy. Most things in Arma3 is not working as it should

But hey, new vehicles are more important isnt it? (sarcasm). I got banned for reminding about tickets like this. I dont play Arma 3 since then, beacue its getting close to EA games and NFS 2016, where driving model were screwed (in racing game). In Arma 3 basic features are not working, developers are adding new one, and those old, bugged will never be possible to fix. I'm getting out of this sinking ship.

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Assigned to none. This "guy" is the greatest worker at BI. Not very efficient, but so busy. Permanent employee of the month.