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While leaning the player will suddenly run out of breath and recoil backwards as if fatigue has reset
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If a player scopes in while leaning and holds the lean for a long time the character will suddenly encounter 100% fatigue, almost as if the player has been holding breath (the game function) the whole lean

an example is here, Break is leaning without being out of breath then suddenly his character jolts back with a flash of colour change on the UI and has to wait for his breath to reset

its almost as if leaning is considered a period of sprinting, or it accidentally resets the fatigue count to maximum


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here is a video of the phenomenon

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Submitted this bug back in June. Never acknowledged. Also has a video for proof:

I too submitted this bug a while back. It got assigned but I did not recieve any info in the tikets comments. I too had proof (One of breaks vod's) but the vod expired. Please use sacriels video and the comment above me video as proof.

My ticket -

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We are aware of the reports and are thoroughly testing the issue. In case you come across any useful information which could help us determining the cause of this issue, please post it under the cs_wolfs report.

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I experienced this phenomenon, and I wondered what would happen if I continued to hold the lean. I ended up with a chipped leg and damaged shoes, no proof video, sorry.