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Dear Bohemia
I know that when a tps or fps game with adventure-ish elements is developed, the urge to create a variety of hostile AI is always there. This is why we have always had ravenous and aggressive wolves in just about EVERY RPG and TPS adventure ever.

No game has ever created a realistic wolf AI that is actually based on reality. Having seen the video, where a pack of wolves suddenly attacks the player instills me with fear that this stupid and unrealistic video game element will soon be part of this game, too.

I strongly urge you to PLEASE NOT make aggressive wolves an issue for this game. At least not in the classic style of "wolf-sees-player->wolf-attacks-player"
Wolves are far more sophisticated than to simply attack an adult human being. Even if they were extremely hungry, wolves recognize us as fellow predators and would no more attack us in a harakiri style than they would, say, an adult she-bear. Given that there is plenty of wildlife in Chernarous, there is no reason for wolves to be anywhere near that desperate. There are fish, rabbits, deer, boar, cows... why would they go for humans in such a way??

Wolves are far too smart to bluntly attack a human being. The mere smell of humans scares the hell out of them. A gunshot would scare an entire pack of wolves running away for miles.

If you need ideas on how to make a decent, realistic wolf AI that is even somehow potentially threatening to the player, I am sure the community will have millions of great ideas, but PLEASE, PLEASE for the love of God do not make the wolves as primitive as mindless infected. Wolves deserve better than that. DayZ deserves better than that.

Thank you!!!


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Any documentary on wolves

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Just wanted to add I think the wolves look great, and I'm glad they're coming. I really just don't want to have the ordinary video-game AI that is so far from reality and does these amazing animals such injustice.

i was thinking the same about the wolves (that they are not realistic), but i doubt they will change them, becasue they are pretty much done with them already.
and as they were meant as a threat to the player, makeing them run away from players would be just stupid.
if they asked me before they started, i'd have said, don't add them, but as they are already done, i'll go with, "we'll then just add them, it won't hurt the game" (and not even what people think about wolves, because this way it's just as most people imagine them to be, and the rest knows better anyways)

I think with the right AI tweaks the wolves could be a decent threat and reasonably realistic.

For example:

  • wolves would only attack healthy players if they in a group of 5+ wolves. Scale it up according to plays, 7+ for two plays, 9+ for 3 and so on. Have the chance to be scared off once their number falls below the critical group size.
  • wolves would stalk & eventually attack sick or injured players (or players covered in blood).

If you were attacked by 6 wolves and shot one of them dead, the other 5 would bail.

A wolf will generally attack a child, a small or weak human, after taking a long while to assess the situation, when cornered or startled, protecting young etc.

It would be best to make them in a way that they avoid the players, or at least so they don't generally attack all the time (unpredictable).

Gunshots should scare them off in any case.

A better choice, for predatory animals, by the way, would have been a big Russian brown bear or even a leopard, they used to exist in Russia.

Big cats are a serious threat at night since they are silent and aggressive when hungry. Bears have been known to be shot at with medium caliber revolvers and not give a f*ck but to keep coming.

Wolves.. Man they're survivors, not warriors.

Dayz could use a little more danger in the game. Right now the only thing I'm worried about is other players and glitches. Other player interaction is a bit meh because of sound, fps, cheaters and people trying to make it counterstrike. Of course the work that is being done will eventually make that better.

I really like the dynamics around infected joining the fray when they hear you... when there are more of them around, it will make battles in cities a lot more interesting, because you can't just roll into a town with your stash of mp5s in a tent somewhere and 'get rekt' everyone in town while your buddy snipes from the trees, without worrying that your shots are going to summon some hell down on your smirking little face.

If having wolves in the game makes it so nature has more power in the game, then I'm all for it. Especially when bikes are added and I can have a pack of them chase me down the road while I bike as fast as I can away from them as they nip at my tires until I toss a slab of human flesh that I cut off of some bandit who tried to gank me, behind me and they go for that instead, so I can circle around, drop my bike, and pull out my gun and pick those rabid, flea-infested curs off, one by yelping one.

if we could get an overall "stalking" rather than an "aggressive" ai i would be more or less satisfied. the sneak-peak was quite promising regarding their behavior. we need to see more obviously.

but for the love of god OP, please change the title. OF COURSE do we want predatory wolves but with a reasonable behavior, that's even what you explained later on :/

hi there

I think interaction with a wolve should be very very rare

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I think it is quite realistic for hungry wolf pack to attack sole survivor. Two dogs are actually capable to kill a man. It has been proven that they follow successful experience. Being it historical or contemporary attacks of lonely wolf on child or successful tactics of hunting down lone survivors in Chernarus. Once proven as way to obtain fresh nutritions from athletic chernorussians, they will stick for such approach. Gunshots should scare them. Wolfs are testing capabilities of potential victims, so they attack and runaway, if capability of victim is dangerous to the pack.

I want wolfs and all kinds of animals attacking or not attacking. The reason is for modding and special servers can adjust those settings to not have AI animals spawn or have them spawn.

We need these to build a custom setup, otherwise we will mod them in ourselves over time.

could be even better if we could pet wolves even if i find this very unrespectful for the wolves because many cultures consider them as equal to human being. agreed with this, no mindless predator, scared behavior would be a better choice.

I am totally agree with this dangerous animals.

If you dont want dangerous animals like this in a SURVIVAL game, logout, delete dayz and play your stupid CSGO again.

Just watched The Grey last night and wolves in DayZ should have a den & react differently to players depending on their proximity to that den - Liam Neeson; "they have a 300 mile hunting radius, and a 30 mile kill radius" - obviously that kind of scale is too big for Chernarus - but scale it down & it'd work. iT also gives the DayZ team the opportunity to think about possible advantages to find the den too, capture a baby wolf? animal bones? loot from player's corpses they've killed & dragged home?

Players corpses being dragged back to dens would make for good moving loot opportunities too...

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Please, don't call them wolfs, call them rabid dogs or stray dogs or something like that. I have Wolfs where i live and i can just say that just seeing them is a rare thing. And the closest thing to a human they have ever attacked is their dogs. Please don't make this beautiful animal look bad when they are in reality harmless. Make something that does attack people sometimes like bears and mountain lions (bobcats).

I love wolves, but they are wild animals, very clever wild animals. They hunt and kill for food, for fun, for territory, for domination. There is no point make illusions about them.

Wolves killing coyote, because it is stealing food.

Wolves attacking buffalo

Wolves attacking hunting dog

There is good reason, when we hear howling, hairs on our back stand up. Yes it is possible, to live among grizzlys for some time, live among other wild predators - it is really blind to tell, they are not dangerous and that they will not kill you, if they found reason to.

I suppose you could rationalise their hostile behaviour in a zombie apocalypse type situation. Starvation would be a real possibility - with zombies (and humans) all eating the same animals. Maybe some smart background ecosystem simulation could be done to vary this on a per server basis, tie it in with player animal interactions...

Say the wolves have been fending off zombie attacks, as the un-dead would attack anything living they came across. In that sense they would be familiar with fighting with humans, so yes actual wolves in the actual world wouldn't attack humans - but in this situation it could be a learned behaviour?

Either way, I want some wolf pelt crafting options!

All I know is as of the last update to Experimental ... I have been killed TWICE by wolves! They are relentless! The animations need some work because sometimes they slide instead of walk. But it is getting so much better!

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@Geez hi :)

May be close this ticket as obsolete?

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