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Hackers and more hackers
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I have over 1000 hours in dayz and currently own a server. I have cancelled my server and was thinking about getting another one until me and friends have been killed by a hacker everyday for the past month. I mean ask the community. Most of us haven't seen it this bad for LONG time. The wallhackers, The bambies shooting bullets out of their hands, the aimbot, the teleporting. I mean it's really crazy... I can go on and on. You don't need no proof or video evidence all you need to do is go into a server and die within the first 10 minutes you're in one of the main cities and even if your not you will still get killed by a hacker eventually. Battleeye isn't helping or working? To me and a lot of other people at this point the game is unplayable because of the hackers, nevermind the glitchers.. I hope they go away in the next patch or fixed but if they don't, I think a lot of people are going to quit dayz. Please take notice! Thanks you.


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I feel like this is the best opportunity for me to chip in my two cents that Im ever going to see. I would normally just be preaching to the choir. BattleEye is a horrible and embarrassing joke. No external program will ever be effective in eliminating hackers. It has been anything but effective for DayZ for sure. There has got to be a better resolve than BattleEye. Please get rid of it.

I can confirm... Hackers are destroying the game on 0.58 and even 0.59 exp they are able to using new ways to cheat. This is the worst anti-cheater. It's must to be a priority right now.

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this Weekend i was killed 10 times by hacker and glitsher (swimmer) and Zero times by normal Players.
I have record 20min of hackers with alot of hachers on only one Server.
Alot of hacker are reported here and i have the Feeling the devs are not interessted in it.
Non of the hacker reports get only a "i have read it". They are untouched.
And the admin do not get the rights to ban hacker...

like wise I just uploaded this video of a waller, they need a better way to punish these people like a VAC ban or a hardware cd key ban or something better, cause I don't see a clear deterrent other then 30$ and if you have an addiction and money 30$ is chump change, =[ it's unfair to those of us who play legit. and spend the time to do it the right way. Hackers 100% ruin my dayz experience 9/10 times and I hope Brian takes this problem to heart cause its way out of hand.

Every night that I decide to play I am killed by a hacker at least once if not twice. 0.58 is the worst for hackers yet, it is very obvious that the developers really don't care. Hopefully when only hackers are left playing they might take notice as the rest of us regular players will be gone playing a different game. BattleEye is a joke, totally useless, get rid of it.

can confirm, have video proof of speed hacks and auto aim.

Very much out there.

I am at 5,000+ hours and 4 mule accounts. I love this game. Please accept that the hacker situation is out of control and either give server admins tools to combat it, or work more on the current situation.

The cause for so many hackers recently is because a hack creator developed a new method where it injects the hacks through a website into the game. Anyone who has paid for the hack can inject the hack into anyone in the server, even if they haven't downloaded anything. This is only recently getting sold and that's why there's so many people hacking.

You can say what you want .. Bohemia do nothing against it. I posted some links from hacker-communitys (0028578) but my thread was closed on on the same day it was posted.
I think they need the hackers. They can bann the hackers if they need more money couse the hacker hav to by the game again.
The best way is to deinstall the game an search for other good games.

any news about it ????????

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any news about it ????????

News about what? there will allways be cheaters. Once we update our AC someone comes out with a change. All we can do, is wait until BE and server admins catch them. New updates usually nails a bunch of them.

I have been playing video games since i was in my teens (cheaters then) cheaters now.

So do some research, many of us do not like to cheat. Its really no fun.

All you can do is try to report them, video record the cheating, and try to get trier GUID. To do so, alt + Tab View players, recent and check on their Steam profile. Link it to the devs and that is all you can do.

Nothing can be done guys, its the nature of a handful making money off of their cheats. They change daily btw.

  • and for gawd sakes play on a private admin controlled server. GUID lights up like no tomorrow for them. Log files show many things.

We have 0.60 now and no changes...

The Devs from Dayz are a joke..... Sorry guys but this is true!

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@Geez hi :)

May be close this ticket cause it's obsolete?

my friends has killed on server EU - DE 1297 a lot of times.
now he not want to play official dayz ..

and i have post this suggestion to dayz dev team:

build own cheat to see wich person cheat .. than give the cheat free ... not take money ..
than you see wich person cheats .. and humans who sell cheats cant sell his cheats ...
and make volutary cheater hunters ... like me .. with guest admin rights ...

i can build myown private cheat because i know how it works .. but i hunt cheaters ..
in counter strike i cheat to make video from cheater to get ban him ... but i can because the admins alow me this anti cheater tactic .. sry for my bad english ..

here my YT channel ... maybe you can give me a follow .. i also stream it at twitch ...
but at time iplay a lot of games where no cheaters are ..

thanks for your time and thanks for hunt cheaters with video proof ...
you all are into my heart

go on official eu - de 1297 and holt this server full ... and if battle eye admins watch this server he can find a lot of cheaters ..
but at time me and my friends notplay official servers ..

no retreat no surrender my funways