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[PRIMARY REPORT] Large quantities of same loot spawning at the same place
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I'm not sure if the server I spawned into had been running for way too long on persistence mode. But the loot seemed totally off to me.

For example: I seem to be finding dozens and dozens of chemlights.

What's really weird is that, moving from Cernaya Polana straight to Dobroe, looting maybe 30 houses and a fire station, I discovered EASILY somewhere around a dozen first aid kits. Three first aid kits in the fire station alone.

Hardly any food spawns even in unlooted Dobroe. Yet I found three pitchforks in the red tin building.

And the log cabin near Dobroe spawned 2 crossbow holo-sights

Can't help it, but this was the weirdest loot run ever, to me it seems something is off.


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Do loot run on experimental?

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Yes, but I didn't just mean "no loot", which was weird too. But for example way too many first aid kits.

Also, I'm finding mainly weapons cleaning kits. Now, obviously, the players are leaving these items lying around because they're useless, but the strange thing is it's always the same items lying around. Books and weapon cleaning kits.

In my opinion, the tables are totally off.

Yea, I have found houses with no loot. Food spawns in little quantities to none. I haven't found a gun since the new update came out. I did find clothes, some tools and chemlights though.

I don't know what's going on with the loot but something definately happened to it.

I added two photos
LC1: Two pairs of shoes spawn on one loot spawn

LC2: These four pics were taken in one log cabin in one server. 10 pairs of shoes spawning?
And beyond that, two crossbow holosights.

Something is definitely wrong with the loot tables

Well I just spawned on the same server and there was no new loot. Since I'm dying of hunger, I decided to pick up all the shoes, put them out on the porch along with the other items in the log cabin, planning to log in again later to see if there is any new loot at all.

The crazy thing is, I was just moving from the outside shed attached to the log cabin to the porch, and suddenly got swarmed by 4 zombies at once???

It was hard to fight them off and I lost a lot of blood, and am now dying of starvation...

Can't heal because I have no food.


EDIT: Another thing, I took another pic. This time, of the shed shelf. A PU-scope spawned on top of a chemlight on top of a fish-hook

Hope this info helps a little

the thing with the medkits, as far as i have noticed is, that some people only take out a few things and drop them to the ground. combined with a bug (that has already been reported) they sometimes duplicate when the server respawns, this has lead to a firestation with 8 medkits on the ground all with the same content (same condition, missing bandages)

i think the respawn system needs some tweaking, because with persistence enabled, this leads to masses of stuff people don't want blocking the loot spawns.
i don't know if it's even possible, to have an economy for every server, that checks, how many items of any kind are still at the spawns, and which are missing, and then decides which items are needed to respawn and which not.
best would be if it was some kind of heatmap, so that even if there were 100 backpacks at the nwaf, there still would be backpacks spawning in chernlekto

Hase: I'm not sure they're looted. They might spawn that way. I've found some that had bandages but missing a syringe??

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I had the same bug in Novodmitrovsk in the City Hall on the stairs.

I moved the items in the first aid kit and then moved the kit, after that there were another first aid kit -> a copy of the first aid kit (also damaged inclusive the items in it).
Probably the servers don't "remove" the item when someone interact with it (Updating of items is buggy in general)

maybe some drug addict nneded his injection ;)
no seriously, if you manipulated the content in order to refresh the view and the syringe was realy missing it's a bit strange, but i wouldn't go as far as saying the loottable is the problem, rather the respawn system, that respawns things that already exist, but noone wants to have
like if you dont like green m&ms:
you got a bowl that can contain 100m&ms, you only eat yellows, reds and browns, but leave the greens. then when only 50 are left there are 25 greens, and 25 others, so you refill the bowl and get it to 37,5% greens, and so on... until there are mostly greens left..
so even, if there are low chances for something to spawn, but noone takes it, after a while it will be overall, as long as spawns aren't adaptive, or old items (that noone wants) don't get removed

Well i found out that picking up loot and moving it causes it to despawn when server restarts.

I moved all the shoes and things out on the porch and new stuff spawned... incluuuuuuding shoes and a holosight

But some food was there too.

So I wonder if picking up trash and throwing it in the forest will help the servers spawn new, sensible gear.


Anyhow, despite finding food I died because I got swarmed by 4 zombies at once that came out of nowhere all at once.

Weirdest update ever.

It's a survival game, surviving isn't suppose to be easy.

You seem to know zilch about survival. It is hard, but it isn't hellfire.

Well btt I've done another loot run on current experimental / unstable
First pub / café that I ran into had a bedroom that was literally cluttered with floating med-paks
See pictures
Medpak1 is the picture of them all in original state, floating mid air in the room when I arrived.
Medpak2 is to show the amount (11 pieces) and the state they were all in (some things missing, everything damaged and badly damaged)
I should also note that some of the medpaks were "inside each other" meaning it looked like one was there but when I picked it up, another one was there

Also I attached a picture of another house where I found three gas lanterns. I am finding tons of gas lanterns, btw. More than makes sense.

The last picture is one of two CZ527 that were lying outside a fire station gate. They were actually on top of each other (optically one rifle, but in vicinity you saw two). I picked one up and moved it a few meters to show there are two pieces.

I did find loads of sks and longhorns but nowhere a single bullet for them. On the other hand, there is a lot of .22 ammunition but no weapon to use it ;)

andy added a comment.Oct 27 2014, 4:55 PM

Hello guys,
we are aware of this imperfection in the loot spawning system and it has been scheduled for a fix. The issue however is quite tricky and might take some time.
Please be patient,

Hi Andy
understood. But it would be a great help for people actually wanting to TEST the game at this point to at least spawn with some food and a jacket, not just a t-shirt.
This is ALPHA phase after all. What is wrong with at least the experimental servers having players spawn with a little bit of gear?

Tapt added a subscriber: Tapt.May 8 2016, 8:11 PM

confirmed. I've seen 7 brief, and 4 taloon backpack in one shed.

I saw 4 Splitting Axes in a "tiny" shed in the middle of the forest + 1 pitchfork

Played for a little bit today and loot seems to be normal in Novo and the city just west of that location. Will be confirming if i consider it fixed this weekend. Only played one server.

still active in stable. and it's bad too

still active in 0.51 stable confirmed.

had this happened to me in NWA tents today.

Well the persistent servers have buildings that just overload with gear so much that it causes massive lag spikes.

There's so much stuff on some airfields that three people can go in bambi and come out full gear within 15 minutes.

Confirmed to still be present in version 53.126384 on our private shard. Having persistency activated too many restarts will also crash the server. This is a game-breaking issue (server crashing), and a gameplay-breaking issue (because without persistency, DayZ is ungodly uninteresting and meaningless. with persistency, one can reach endgame in no time).

@Geez @andy I think issue is resolved :)

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