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"NO MESSAGE RECEIVED" after 15-20minutes
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  1. start dayz (everything is up to date)
  2. hop on a server(batteye up to date etc)
  3. play for 15-20 minutes
  4. "no message received
  5. exit (DayZ freezes, then crashes)

Im not the only one that this is happening too.

please post down below if this is happening too you to so devs know its not just a certain person.


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Game Freezes
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  1. start dayz (everything is up to date)
  2. hop on a server(batteye up to date etc)
  3. play for 15-20 minutes
  4. "no message received
  5. exit (DayZ freezes, then crashes)

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Reinstalled windows, still getting this issue.

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btw this also happens on EVERY server that i play on. starting 2-3 days ago

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i have the same problem. i have opend a new issue too. I have installed now steam on my another computer and i want to test dayz there... i will give you answer on that test ...

Started Sunday, now happens every ten minutes.

Exactly as you descibed it, with the freeze and crash too.

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I have solution now for me... i used a second computer and i have installed steam + dayz on my second computer. dayz works fine now about 50 minutes... no disconnect or freeze or something like that... whats could be now the problem on my 1 PC ?

@gor86 i tried reinstalling battleye but to no avail. im clueless on this one.

does dayz have a afk kick limit? could it be that something went wrong, on our screens we are playing, but server side it says we are AFK? and then kicking us after 15minutes?

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iam now plaing about 4 hours at the same account but on other computer without any problems. so what u think where this problem comes ?...

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When reporting a crash you need to upload a dxdiag report and the files from

Pack the files into a .rar file - if the RAR is smaller than 5000KB, you can attach it here. If it's larger, please upload it to a file sharing website and link it here.


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I am have exactly this issue. Just started happening a couple of days ago. If its other people as well then it cant be my ISP or client side. Ive reinstalled the game, updated Battle Eye, updated drivers, checked firewalls...nothing.


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I have two friends that always happen to them after 20 mins. Don't know why i am not getting this issue.

I've got the exact same issue, DxDiag inside DayZ folder here:

A fix would really be appreciated since I can't play the game until this is resolved.

The game keeps on running untill I try to click "yes" when it askes me if I'm sure I want to quit (after hitting escape when I get "no message received). Then the game just freezes and I have to use task manager to kill the process.

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I have got the same problem. I bought game 2 days ago and i am verry diaspointed :-(.

I have same issue so I uploaded... Dayz_dxdiag.rar here

Yup Same thing happens to me. I am also playing on windows 7 64bit if its even that. I played fine on Friday 15/8/2014. And by Sunday this happened and yes I timed it its 15 - 20 minutes.

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i have the same issue since i reinstalled DayZ like 3-4 days ago, game ran fine before. Im using Windows 8.1 64bit

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Same thing here. The game was running smoothly on 17.08.2014 suddenly the server got reseted and I lost my character - nevermind, I startet too lot up a bit and quit playing.

The very next day (18.08.2014 I faced the mentioned problem: Server disconnects after EXACTLY 15min. The game freezes and I have to use Ctr-Alt-Delete to get to the desktop.

Edit: As Windows 7 64bit was mentioned <--- Same operation system here
???... wasn´t there an Windows update (17.08) ???

ok. yes there is a "crash" but thats not what we are trying to get at here. WHEN we are IN GAME about 15-20minutes in we get hit with a "no message received" text. other people see us down in the log as "BATTLEY; CLIENT LOSING CONNECTION" during the "no message received" text if we are go hit exit the game freezes.

but anyways
here are my dxdiag files

Guyz i have same problem for 3 dayz.. i played DAYZ normaly before that. I completly reinstaled fresh windows 8.1 version. what i instaled on this computer is Teamspeak,VLC player,Google Chrome, utorrent and DAYZ. Guess what.. still same problem -.- i don't know what is wrong.. i can't play dayz anymore with friends :(

From what I see the game seemed to work fine for everyone 3-4 days ago our computers did not stop functioning at the same time. They need to ROLLBACK! Or roll forward {:-)

this is a GAME breaking bug, same with the character disappear bug. yes we know its alpha. but seriously? pvp is fun, but these bugs ruin the game.

Having the same problem, Windows 7 64-bit. Uploaded Information.

Dogge added a subscriber: Dogge.May 8 2016, 7:36 PM

Same problem, very annoying.

Hinotai added a subscriber: Hinotai.May 8 2016, 7:36 PM

Yup same problem and nothing seems to be working, fresh install, port forwarding, disabling firewall, restarting router/modem, re installing steam, running as administrator, re installing BattlEye, running with DEP ON or even restarting your computer will not resolve this and I don't know what the hell is. I've tried everything, game is unplayable because it's exactly 15 minutes into a game and it loses connection and the only workaround is to disconnect before it happens but if you do that you'll have to disconnect once more at every 15 minute interval... It's definitely a server sided issue with BattlEye as it all spontaneously began happening around the same time (night of 8/16/14) for a handful of people. I'll upload my dxdiag and files anyways but I don't see what they will help you with as it's nothing to do with my computer.

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I have the same problem but I have now tested some things.

I have reformatted my Windows. - The same problem persists.
I used Steam Account with Dayz from Friend. - The same problem persists.
I have put my router completely gone. - Still the same problem.

The only way to play Dayz without any problems is ... to play on another computer with the same Steam account. Only on this computer does not work and I get connection problems with DayZ.

Mybe my Network-Card is the Problem?

I'm having the same exact problem. I've been playing this game for months and no major issues and now the game boots me off and crashes after 15 mins of play. Please Devs, fix this, I want to play DayZ. =(

Thing is though, it may be hardware related but it's not because you're hardware has gone bad, they (BatllEye) most likely made the hardware you have incompatible or somehow gave a specific amount of people some sort of hardware ID denial/ban? IDK, all I know is every other game I own works perfectly online and I have no internet nor ISP issues... That being said, you yourself, have even gone far enough as to re installing W7 onto your computer and trying it then but the problem persists.

beck added a comment.Aug 20 2014, 4:27 AM

@g0r86 This is most likely a hardware specific as @Hinotai said, but it is probably just some sort of memory leak.

@Hinotai I don't think it's possible for Battleye to deny player with certain hardware.

We need someone to test with other Battleye games or other bohemia interactive games such as ArmA III to confirm whether it is a battleye or game specific issue. (This is assuming that both games use the same version of BE)

PaFFi added a comment.Aug 20 2014, 5:22 AM

ArmA3, same here - "battleye client not responding" after 15-20min

If you go to my forum post here:
You can see someone say that they tried ArmA III and it also has the same problem (page 4). I would try it myself but I have no interest in ArmA III nor II, I own both but this is why I assumed this hardware denial because not too long ago they also made it so all BattlEye bans are global meaning if you were banned in ArmA III then you are also banned in DayZ AND ARMA II, basically every game with BattlEye...
EDIT* PaFFi can confirm this it seems...
P.S By that (global BattlEye) I don't mean people are banned but perhaps there was some kind of fluke/mistake...

@Hinotai but the thing is. i do not own arma 2- arma 3. and even if that was the case. why not kick us straight away as soon as we join, instead of 15-20 minutes?

i think we can kinda narrow this down to batteye, but things i find weird is that this has been happening way longer than just 3-4 days ago for some people.

im kinda a toss, it could be the servers having leakage, OR battleye did something to the BE.dll file on sat or sunday

Sudden global bans after latest BE update [ 15.07.2014 • 13:10 ]

Certain users have been contacting us regarding sudden global bans since last night when a BE Client and Server update was released for ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead. To clarify, these bans are not false positives in any way.

In reality these are bans from the past that are related to the cd-key that is attached to a user's Steam account. Yesterday's update added support for old cd-key-based global bans in the new Steam version of the game (1.63). Note that with Steam the cd-key that is written to your registry is no longer relevant for authentication. Only the cd-key that is attached to your Steam account matters and like in previous game versions you will not be able to play on BE servers with a cd-key that is globally banned.

Therefore, if you previously had been using a new unbanned cd-key by writing it directly to the registry you will now have to attach it to a new Steam account to be able to play on BE servers again.

but what i dont get. is that the update was for arma 2. not DayZ or ArmA 3.

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Same here!
Windows 8.1; 32 mBit Internet, Fast RIG, no problems with other games!

Same problem here, doesn't matter what server two of us play on, it crashes after 15 minutes...

Win 7

620 hrs playing...

experimental works for me now

Same problem.
Core i7-920

Win7 64bit, 4GB Ram (1600)

Hey there guys,

Please try contacting BattlEye directly through

Clearly state that others can see the message that says BattleEye is losing connection so that they know what's up. They should be able to help you out.

In case they do, please post a solution to this problem in this issue.

Many thanks for your patience.

experimental works for me now too, playing 60 minutes without disconnects

This is also happening in windows 8.1, i've already contacted battleeye support, i had an answer, not the expected one, but one at least.

battleye support told me they implemented a fix early this morning, so test it and tell us if it persists, i can't do it right now

from today.. for me.. fixed.. I played 45min without seing No message. GJ

Dogge: beore test that, try the game againg, like i said before, battleye implement a fix today and it's working for nemedsvi

Hmm my brother was playing on Windows XP with no issues. It would be nice to know if anyone is getting this problem with Windows XP?

same issue: 0015842

I started having this same problem on Sunday, Aug 17. I have over 1800 hours on Dayz SA and this is the first time anything like this has happened to me.

And yes I said 1800. Going 3 days without Dayz is killing me.

Can't wait to get home and see if this has been fixed

This has been happening to me for months, not just since the last patch. I've tried updating Battleeye even this morning as people are saying and still no luck.

well my DAYZ seems to be working now. was on for over 2 hours with no disconnect.... i dont know why it is still happening for some of you.


I am told that this issue should now be fixed. Please try verfying your game files in Steam. If that doesn't help, try downloading and installing BattlEye manually from here


I am at work right now, can´t test myself.
Any feedback if it´s acutally fixed?

i've played yesterday at night for a few hours witrh no problem, today i will test it again at mid day

Ditto here, I was able to play for a couple of hours without trouble after yesterday's Battleye update. Will try again today with hopefully the same results.

@Accolyte You closed another thread saying it was a duplicate of this one, but the threads were not the same problem. I do not get the "message not received" from battleye before crash. I simply get a frozen screen, it goes unresponsive then closes to desktop. Every time I try to play. I literally just bought this game and I cannot play longer than 10-15 minutes.
I have tried everything I have found, and I have searched a long time. I just want to play the game I bought.
My problem is still persistent, it is not fixed. & you closed the thread which pertained to my problem. This one does not.

It seems to be fixed for me