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[Suggestion] Filling magazines with rounds should take time (animations)
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Dear developer team,

in a real combat scenario, when you emptied your 3 magazines you are pretty much fucked without a sidearm.

In Dayz people only have to drag rounds onto their mags and their good to go! (Making those sidearms pretty much useless)

In my opinion a realism oriented game like DayZ should include animations for filling your mags because it reqiures you just as in the real world,
to be well prepared and sparing with the rounds you fire.

This 75 drum mag will take about a minute of filling time in real life so all this safety of having plenty of rounds, comes at a price.

Oh and would it kill the fun?

I actually don't think so. People wait already, till their meat is cooked, till they are finished drinking and many other things.

For me it would only bring the game another bit closer to a realistic survival experience.

As always thank you for reading!!


(If you downvote my suggestions, please let me know why so I can bother my head about it and maybe come up with something better. If you don't tell me what you dislike about it, I'm just going to suppose you want to have combat the cheap way and don't like realism)

(Oh and if you don't like suggestions in general, from a realism oriented standpoint, this feature not being in the game is a "bug" essentially.)

Watch this video and you'll know why we need magazine-filling time for realistic combat:


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mist3r added a subscriber: mist3r.May 8 2016, 7:28 PM

Nice Input, never thought about that. +1 Vote

pyborg added a subscriber: pyborg.May 8 2016, 7:28 PM

A great should be feature that would enhance realism.

warcryr added a subscriber: warcryr.May 8 2016, 7:28 PM

great suggestion +1 vote

As long as an appropriate animation is used while reloading, it'll just be like drinking water and eating as far as not killing the gameplay. We already have stuff like this, it's just part of the game.

It would be nice that if a "cancel current action" occured while reloading, the number of rounds corresponding to the time up until the cancellation was reflected in the magazine/clip...etc. (So you could load approx. 10 out of 75 if you needed to)


Totally agreed. Great addition!


Great idea. I like it. BUT, there is a catch.

(thinking of a PvP scenario) Solo players must ALL wait out the reload - that is fine. But what about multiple people playing together, team/clan/squad style? 1 (or more) on gun, and another (or more) reloading. Giving the gunner access to preloaded magazines, essentially the same as it is now. Except one person must load their own and wait that out, while the other has access to preloaded mags. Could give an advantage to those who play in a team/clan/squad, and like to engage in PvP, and a disadvantage for those who like to solo play, and also engage in PvP. The way it is now, is an open playing field, I understand not as realistic, but equal for all.

And yes, in theory, we can all team/clan/squad up, and roll with others. But thats almost forcing team play, when this game is more than enjoyable solo.

Edit: Perhaps a timer, 5 minutes? added to mags, so they cannot be picked up, let alone loaded, by another player if theyre still "hot". Timer of some sort would be necessary, to avoid the above mentioned tactic being ran by teams/clans/squads.

Hello discodood,

I get the point that you are stressing here. What you explained is what I am calling teamwork.

Someone who wants to play by himself is getting advantages like: Being harder to spot, having more resources for himself as compared to searching an area with friends and many more which I won't list here right now.

Therefore he should also not get the advantages, teamplay offers (which are by far more imo)

Things like the need to have magazines ready, forces players to collaborate in order to stay safe (guess what, just like in a real zombie apocolypse). It would force players, to at least every now and then try to be friendly and meet new players in order to survive.

In fact I am getting really excited imagining 2 teammates who are surviving together and helping each other out while one is firing and the other is assisting.

Do I make sense to you?


I feel like this would make weapons like the SKS and Mosin more coveted considering they have static mags built into them.

Hello KnightSolairIV,

those static mags need to be filled too though. There is stripper loaders for the SKS and for the Mosin. Just like the magazine for the AK as an example, the stripper loader should take time to be refilled as well.

The difference though is, that the SKS and the Mosin can both also be loaded manually which would give those rifles the advantage in combat, not having to reload the "mags" first.

Both rifles have less rounds and lower fire rate and are therefore still worse than an AK with PS0-1 in most scenarios.

I'll provide links for both ways of loading so you'll see how it works.

One-by-one loading:
Stripper loader:

(The creator of the video is having bad technique and is pretty slow as compared to professionals)

Hope I could clarify things here.


tatne added a subscriber: tatne.May 8 2016, 7:28 PM
tatne added a comment.Aug 14 2014, 9:57 PM

I love this idea.
I don't get it when you argue about this not being good idea due to teamwork.
It is like that in real life too, you screw up by missing your shots -> you are pretty much dead.

This should also be implemented with chambering weapons so your character would actually take your weapon and one round to your hands and chamber it.
At the moment in Dayz everything in combat is done too quickly.


Highly agreed!


interesting idea,

very realistic, however i was thinking how stressful it would be if there were multiple zeds swarming me while looting. Say you don't feel like using a melee and blowing through your bandages. Normally i use my pistol (with one mag) I'd shoot the zeds until it was clear. Usually i always need to detach the mag and refill it, then shoot more zeds.
When i need to reload the last thing i want to do is have to stop to refill the mag with a bunch of zeds chasing me, and with the Navigation meshes zeds can follow you into most buildings so finding a good spot would be dreadful.

Tit4nNL added a subscriber: Tit4nNL.May 8 2016, 7:28 PM

"Edit: Perhaps a timer, 5 minutes? added to mags, so they cannot be picked up, let alone loaded, by another player if theyre still "hot". Timer of some sort would be necessary, to avoid the above mentioned tactic being ran by teams/clans/squads."

That's why you wear gloves.

Nontheless. Mags don't really get hot. Since the bullet get pulled away from the mag before each shot into the chamber.

Hello GooglyEyes92,

well, preparation is key!

Just like in real life you would have to choose, to either take the risk of melee, firing your rounds til your empty or finding friends and companions to help you out.

For your example, being out of rounds would mean you have to either engage in melee or RUN for your life ;)



good addition!


FENS added a subscriber: FENS.May 8 2016, 7:28 PM
FENS added a comment.Aug 16 2014, 11:20 PM

i agrre with @warcryr

But by the same rule you should also take time to mount a scope, a suppressor, compensator...etc. Doesn't make any sense to just implement that with reloading the mag and having the ability of mount a scope in 1 second. Always with the posibility of cancelling the action i would agree.

Hello FENS,

Yes, another great addition. Love to see how you guys come up with amazing stuff on top of this. I might update the suggestion if there are more similar ideas to come, so we have it all in a big bundle to present to the devs.
(Of course I will ask for your permission first)

There should be a quick-menu for weapon attachments and then the animations you mentioned.


FENS added a comment.Aug 17 2014, 11:24 AM

Didn't mentioned yesterday that there are load of priorities before this. Actually with the amount of hackers this would give them much more advantage. So besides i like it, theres a lot of priorities before this. And if the devs like it shouldn't be implemented until the perfomance issues are fixed.


Completely agreed! Obviously the "sound bug" and the "quick swap bug" should be top priority and feature suggestions are at the bottom of the line, but I wanna make sure they are there and they will be heard, so make sure to spread the word ;)


This would be a good Idea IF! they allow the reload animation to be done on the "run". If you have to stop to reload a magazine than whats the point of being "realistic" if you cannot reload on the run like the Mag reload animation.

Hello Nothingstrue,

Totally agreed! There has to be the ability to walk while doing certain things for alot of animations such as eating and drinking.

But we are talking about walking slowly because refilling mags is kind of tidious. You have to flip them and press them into the mag so running wouldn't make sense here imo.



I am not sure how much hands on experience you have with guns but a pocket full of bullets is easily reloaded in a MAG while sprinting. I try and shoot on a weekly bases with my .308 and 9mm. and Kudos on the eating and Drinking comment as well. I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to just jog to the next town whilst eating fruit or drinking water.

Hello Nothingstrue,

you're the more experienced gunner. If you say it works in real life, then I say put it in the game! ;)


Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 7:28 PM

A fair and valid point to reloading mags. They should take time, more so than currently.
Hence the reason if I'm going into "battle" I'll put a 75round mag onto my AKM and make sure I have another 75round mag already loaded, if not, then 2-3 30 round mags for backup.
If I don't have this bak up, or I run out of preloaed mags, then I run away. FAST.... :-(

Hello Zanzibarbarian,

exactly! That's my point!


So now you're updating the supporter-count in the summary to keep your suggestion on top of the unassigned and recently modified lists, so everybody entering the board is confronted with your suggestion every time?

What is this all about?
If a suggestion is good, it will be discussed, it will be recognized, it will be voted and it dosen't need steroids...

Yes, I voted your suggestion up and I'm monitoring it, cause it's really interesting.
But I don't like cheating.

Hello Nihil Baxter,

I am trying to get the attention of the developers. So far I've not seen one suggestions over here that has been accepted.

There I'm trying to make this a first time. If you know about a better way to advertise for this, let me know

(After all I am just trying to make the game better for you guys and myself. It is not like I am profiting of this.)


Here you can see that the devs read suggestions and sometimes share their thoughts: #0006934

Also I monitored and posted multiple issues where at first no reaction of the devs was noticeable for weeks and then, boom, the issue is solved or you get an answer, that they are working on it.

In addition you should read the weekly status reports. Especially in the early ones it becomes clear that community-suggestions have high impact on the development of the game.

So in conclusion I'm pretty sure they read everything, discuss everything and do their best to enlarge the game experience.

I'm not the lawyer of the devs. But, as I said before, I don't like cheating. Every suggestion is equal.

Hello Nihil Baxter,

nice to see they acutally do. Thanks for pointing that out. It's just that I have seen tons of suggestions that have barely been read, because they simply were posted at the wrong time.

Anyways, I don't like the term cheating in this context, because I am not gaining any advantage essentially. For me it is a great way to recieve alot of feedback because there simply are alot of people reading. I am even investing my time here and check it regularily.

I will keep updating my suggestion because I believe I am doing a service for the DayZ community. As long as no moderater keeps me from doing it.


All right freerider, you see my point, I see yours.
"Term cheating": Well, my english isn't as good as it should be - I'm no native english speaker and languages haven't been my talent in school. So sorry for that. But as I said. I guess you see my point and thats fine for now!

I really like the suggestion, so count my vote. ;)

With regard to FENS's comment above (2014-08-16 23:20) and I quote;
"But by the same rule you should also take time to mount a scope, a suppressor, compensator...etc."
Suppressor and compensator, generally, are, when once fitted, never removed from your weapon. They are normally a screw on affair so the amimation shouldn't be too hard to sort out.
However, with regard to scopes, this will open a whole new can of worms.
Scopes when fitted to rifles have to be zeroed in. If the scope is hard fixed, and by that I mean with allan scews, it'll take a few minutes to do so. Then you zero the scope in.
You can, however, get roll on/roll off mounts for scopes, which attach and unattach scopes in seconds and you shouldn't need to zero the scope back in. You could also go down the line where scopes will move in their mounts after a time with a gun that's been repeatedly fired. So they'll have to be re-zeroed. Then there is the problem with guns clogging up with debris from being fired (The British army during the Zulu Wars had their Martini-Henry rifles jam because of this problem of coking, and at Islndwana(?) got massacred as a result!).
So, it begs the question. Just how far do you/we want to go with realism?
And on that point, just how many of us in DayZ, walk or jog around the map?
Not many I can tell you. We all run full tilt. And sometimes, for ages without getting knackered and having to stop for a rest.
I'm not knocking anyones points. All are very valid.
I'm just... opening up more. :-)
PS - Dare I mention clothing and shoe sizes?? :-[
PPS - And as for backpacks, don't get me started... }:-(

Hello Zanzibarbarian,

thanks alot for your input.

Scopes: First of all, for the scopes, I think that the devs would have to find the middle between snap on, like it is now and complete animations with 5 minutes of zeroing time.

Stamina: About the running I think that a stamina system could be implemented along with vehicles as these will change how people will move over the map.

Sizes: Don't know if you were entirely serious about it, but I am for realism for as long as it is still fun and it has a game changing impact. So no to that from my side ;)

Backpacks: I've recently developed an overhaul to how the inventory system could work in a more realistic way, so it gives the player more control while adding more to the realistic aspect at the same time.

I will submit the suggestion for the inventory system overhaul, once this suggestion has reached the devs attention.

Sorry for the delay and once again thanks for your input!


I down voted this simply because there are many other issues in Dayz that need to be addressed before toying with something so petty as mag reload speed. I mean seriously all the things in this game that are in need of fixing and you are so worried about magazine reload time?? whatever.. if stuff like this becomes more important than zeds hitting me and damaging me after they are dead is the day I say goodbye to Dayz!!

Hi Freerider3434
Thanks for your reply.

  1. Shoe & clothing sizes. It was a play to get people to think. Though if implimented, how funny would it be to see someone who has, for instance size 8 feet, running off wearing size 12 shoes. Seeing the shoes fly off would have me in stitches and hearing them curse their bacd lick would add to it.
  2. I think ths scopes and other weapon attachments, bar the magazines, of course, should be left as is.
  3. Inventory needs to be looked at and why have it segregated in backpacks? For a four section pair of jeans, I presume it's two front and two back pockets being displayed? So how come you can get a pistol/revolver worth four slots, in them?

The back packs should be just one large section, with maybe two smaller sectiosns for the side pockets. When the main section is filled up, then it's full. Maybe the vests need sorting out too? i.e. the 8 slot hi cap for instance, need to have 4 double height slots. as a magazine would be. So you could put in a double height slot, a magazine or 2 single slot items (Ammo!). If you see my point. And maybe items could be rotated by 90 degrees to accommodate your inevntory to your needs better? A six by five section backpack woudl still accomodate a total of 30 units. But in ONE block. Not seperated as now. Also, backpack and carrying capacity should be taken into account too. If you have a new spawned bambi carrying nothing, then he sould easily out run a fully kitted up person carrying a full compliment of gear.

  1. As for stamina, I'm in total agreement with you on that.

And just to chip something else into the pot. The ability to climb walls. Not the raelly high walls, but the 6ft walls. And maybe the climbing of trees would add another aspect to the game? Especialy if some of the branches were, say, rotten...


I totally agree with you that the major bugs like sound glitches, hit registry, server performance and especially graphic performance should be on the top of the list and after that a big gap to suggestions like this one.

This doesn't mean that you need to dislike the suggestion if you don't really dislike the idea itself. Just leave it as it is and state your opinion on the devs priority in the comments, what do you think?


Please Stop Updating Crap here only to push the TIcket up, it's annoying receiving 200 Mails for one TIcket where in fact nothing new is in it!

Hello mist3r,

I am sorry, I wasn't aware of you recieving emails for it. See if you can disable that option for this ticket individually. If you can't I'll update it only once a day for the future.


R834 added a subscriber: R834.May 8 2016, 7:28 PM
R834 added a comment.Aug 24 2014, 11:06 AM


There's really no need to keep updating the Summary or adding and deleting notes to artificially bump this issue.

Hello R834,

I think it got my suggestion alot of attention. Correct me if I got it wrong, but do you forbid me to do it? If so, it's fine with me of course.

I would be very glad if you could use your position as a moderator to take this suggestion to the devs eyes, and I won't have any need to hang around this suggestion any longer anyways.

Thanks alot!



Why do you keep removing my *supporter-count* from the title?

szultz added a subscriber: szultz.May 8 2016, 7:28 PM

Up-voted, really would like to see this implemented. Also would be nice if speedloaders would load a gun and then result with a loaded gun and an empty speedloader in inventory, instead of loading a speedloader into the gun as a mag.

Maybe he keeps removing your damn supporter count, cause its unfair against other suggestions. Remember, what I told you earlier?

By the way: It's crazily annoying having 10.000 E-mails every day, saying something has changed in this thread. And then I go here only to notice you have updated the supporter count or changed a word or what ever. Man, stop doing this, please! It's annoying...

You have already the proof that someone at bohemia read your suggestion...

If they fix the glitch that when you have a 75rd drum loaded it always wants to load 30 round magazines, I'd be ok with this. The difference in waiting for a steak to cook, and loading a magazine is that you aren't generally in a firefight and cooking a steak.

Bandaging, morphine/splinting, though, yeah, we wait, and sometimes we die. I'm ok with it, if implemented in a nice fashion.

R834 added a comment.Aug 25 2014, 1:25 PM

I would appreciate it if you didn't keep bumping this issue like you are doing.

There's almost 10,000 open tickets on the tracker, most of which deserve just as much attention as this one. Pushing down crash reports and actual bugs to keep your suggestion on top just seems a little unfair.

Also, as others have mentioned, every time you update you cause the server to send out emails notifying people of the changes which can be quite annoying.

Hi people,

As I have mentioned earlier I stop updating it for the reasons you were naming.

I do not have the confirmation that someone at bohemia read it though, as R834 is a moderator and not a developer.

Anyways the last thing I wanted to reach with this suggestion is to annoy people.

(The Supporter counts function never was to keep the issue bumped as I can do this far easier, but to show people seeing the title that this suggestion is already quite in discussion. I would be glad if you let me do the supporter count update in my title once a day, as this will then be the only thing I'll update for the future)



very nice addition, same should go for stripper clips!



If you want to contact the devs, i suggest you send them a direct email or send a message to Dean Hall on Twitter.

Hey GooglyEyes92,

I'll try that, thanks for the advice!



This is a bug reporting system and this topic is not a bug. For suggestions, ideas and general discussions, please post in the forums:

Thank you.


I totally agree with this.

However, it should be possible to cancel the action at any time

So if loading 20 pieces of 7.62x39 ammo into a drum mag, it should go
ANIMATION: Take drum mag in hand
ANIMATION: Put bullet in drum mag (+1)
ANIMATION: Put bullet in drum mag (+1)
ANIMATION: Put bullet in drum mag (+1)
Cancel action
ANIMATION: Put drum mag away

> in this case, only three bullets were loaded in the drum mag, 17 are put back in inventory space

freerider, I'm about to give you a down vote for all these fucking emails i keep getting. HOLY SHIT man.

They did it! I'm certain it was because of this ticket *winkwink* I'm fine with it being closed now.

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