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[Suggestion] Bowel Movement and Urination
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We have to eat and to drink all the time. Thats nice.
But what about excrement? I mean, it's part of our lives.

A few might think that's disgusting.
But it could be realized by a simple animation of crouching, without taking the pants down, without showing genitals and so on.

The main idea is, that every human needs some time for urination and bowel movement every day. While doing this he couldn't really do something else. In my opinion this should have a counterpart in DayZ.
It wouldn't be a real game changer, but players would have to plan their actions and movement a bit better. A sniper for example can't wait for hours in a tree without any movement.

Interesting about that is, that the mechanic of bowel movement and urination could be coupled with other already existing variables and mechanics. Some thoughts about that:

  1. If you drink too much, you have to urinate more and sooner.
  2. If you ignore the status messages and finally everything goes into your pants, the pants gets ruined.
  3. If you run long distances or if you are in permanent action and stress you have to urinate less, because the body looses liquid by sweating.

3.1. Also in periods of action and stress you have to shit less, because body and mind are focussed on saving your live. But as soon as it gets calm for about 5 minutes, bowel movement comes even harder (maybe combinable with #0006934).


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I like your suggestion because of it's realism. FYI., there's already models for feces and urine in the game.

Excellent suggestion! Devs, listen to these fantastic suggestions!

Sounds like a great idea with lots of potential.

If they ever add some form of agriculture, excrement would be perfect to speed things up/give higher agricultural output. Just to name one of the many benefits of this wonderful, totally natural and appropriate, mechanic for a survival game.

Whilst we are at it, can we have the associated sounds to, we'll call one the thunderer (SPLA-DOOOSSSSH) the submariner (plop....???, where the F*@ks that gone) the flock of seagulls (plip plip Quuaaaakkkkk) for when you've got the squits etc.
Visuals would be awesome, open the toilet door to someone sat there asking for bog roll, we could have pissing contests see who can get up the wall the highest... seriously.

Yeah man, you really understood the intention...

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About "A sniper for example can't wait for hours in a tree without any movement"

I have to tell yoy that i know few sniper stories about them not being able to move for days and had to pee/poop on himselves.

So i would kinda like this if i had the option of doing that on myself, resulting on having to wash my pants if i don't want an infection/disease or something...not ruining a pants for just pooping on them, lol.

So yes, i would like this if we had both possibilities. Doing it right and on myself, if the moment ask for it, to be a non-breaking game feature.

But what i always say to all this "Sims 4" feature requests. As you say excrement is consistent with eating, then you should ask for having to wash yourself for not getting diseases right? Or sleeping? Come on man, i think this is taking too far, this is not "Sims 4"... Doesn't make any sense implementing ones and not others if what you want is a life-sim...

Dean Hall himself already talked about this very issue on several occasions. It is definitely an interesting and probably even funny idea, but it'll take a long time until the game is in a state where such "quirks" can be implemented.

But tbh, I'd really like to see that, too!

Came for the suggestion, stayed for the comments.

My favorite part of the idea is "2. If you ignore the status messages and finally everything goes into your pants, the pants gets ruined. "

> I guess that explains the many holes in my swimming trunks then!

"I have to tell yoy that i know few sniper stories about them not being able to move for days and had to pee/poop on himselves." WHAT?? He didn't ruin his pants or the gear in his pockets?? Must be the high-tech Special Forces grade materials they use nowadays!

LOL, no but seriously, the OP was probably kidding.

On a more serious note, I think they should implement belching and farting for when you are stuffed, though! That would teach those gluttonous power-gamers a thing or two!!

Would laugh my ass off if i could capture someone, then feed them shit, like literally disgusting. I love it.

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Pissing in your pants could, along with ruining them, make them smell and "attract" infected (if they didn't see you but could smell you, they would come looking?)

Vrigoth, that's a great idea!

Ruining clothing, like destroying its quality, seems a bit severe. A 'soiled' status seems more appropriate... Something you can wash out.

Actually, a hygine stat wouldn't hurt. Smelly things attract animals and the like, being dirty can make you less healthy. Or harder to see in the brush?

Alongside with this feature, feeding times shall be much longer than its current degree. No person eats 4-5 times in a day :) Thirstiness may be acceptable thoıgj, as you're running around so much and lose water.

I'm more interested in the concept of piss and shit acting as attractors for certain vermin and/or zombies - potentially modifying AI behaviour/activity. If actors and objects can exist with 'degrees of contamination' inherent to them (or modified by interaction with environment), this co-efficient could be used to determine how well you can remain hidden. (i.e if you stink of piss).

Also, you could be running around and a status message appears:

"You smell piss."

That would pique my interest.

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They did it in The Sims...

How about NO?
dude go play sims or something else. this is a survival game, not a ineed2gopee&shit game.