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zeds hit and kill you from outside/downstairs/the next room - buildings are now death-traps
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since the latest exp build 0.47 zeds kill you from outside/downstairs or when just being in the room nearby. buildings are now deathtraps.
basically you need to be in a room or place somewhat next to a room/place of the aggroed zed.


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let zed follow you
take shelter in building and close doors
let zed wait outside/next room and notice how an "invisible" zed is now going to kill you anyway.
(same thing if a zed is in a room below. e.g. police station)

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at times it seems as, while on my client zeds seem to be outside or on the other side of the door, the server chooses to put the zed into the same room.

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Crazy added a comment.Jul 27 2014, 1:18 AM

It happend even if zed is not aggroed. Happend to me twice.
I decide to stop play Dayz till they fix this.

Happened to me with a zombie in stable as well. I was inside a house waiting for her to ghost through the wall but she just stood outside and hit me from there.

Location: Krasnostav, brown house with 5 rooms downstairs and 1 room upstairs (the kind that spawns books, clothing and the occasional ammo box), near the norther forest

latest build: one has to aggro some zeds or even just one and then proceed to a police station. just run through the building through all stories. it's completely broken. you will register impacts and hits from everywhere with the zeds being anywhere.

Police stations do it the most of any building. I've been on the second floor and zombs have hit me while under the floor in the bottom story.

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In my experience this seems to be happening when the server version of your character is lagging behind where your client thinks you are.

Examples: Run through a door closing it quickly behind you and the zombies left behind in the room/outside will hit you as if you didn't get through the door before it closed.

Run up stairs and they will hit you as if you are still downstairs.

Be in a corner of a room behind furniture, run out as the zombies run in blocking the only escape and they will stand there hitting the air where you were and drawing blood. You take damage from every swing while watching them from across the room.

TimF i think you are completely right. However this would indicate that thew whole already reworked concept of calculating and syncing the path on server AND client is still far too prone to ping and desync.

Tit4nNL added a subscriber: Tit4nNL.May 8 2016, 7:09 PM

Similarities to this glitch are when you run into a building and drop something on the floor. The item isnt at your feet but outside the door. It seems the server still thinks you're outside because you maybe sprinted into a building during a minor lag spike and it wouldn't allow you to go through the wall. Items will be dropped outside because of this and zombies can still hit you.

It feels like a old problem dayz had that made the players positions on servers being different compared to client.

still happening in 0.48 .So annoying. The zombie was hitting me outside the house and i was far away from the wall.

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fing24 added a comment.Sep 2 2014, 9:15 AM

Still happening. This is on exp 0.49.124857

It's a known issue and has been since I started playing back in January.

I have also had this happen on multiple occasions in differing buildings. It seems to occur with either the zombies outside of the building you are in, or if they are in any room within the same building.

I tend to avoid buildings like the plague when I have zombies in my vicinity as I have died/had ruined gear multiple times from this glitch.

Seems to me it got better with 0.48, then much much worse with 0.49. I like locking zeds in buildings, but when i run away I start getting hit and have to go back and kill the zombie or he will kill me. Had alot of gear ruined this way. Not to mention they still walk through doors and walls and anything they want to walk through.

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Tavest added a comment.Oct 3 2014, 4:15 PM

Also happens to me a few times. In my opinion it is the same problem like the rubberbanding -> Server think you are outside, Zombie attack outside and hit.
Client is inside but only he see him inside. The position is just buggy, when you drop something inside of a building it sometimes appears outside right infront of the door -> Buggy Position?

andy added a comment.Oct 9 2014, 10:40 AM

Hello survivors,
sadly, this is a tricky issue with many factors coming into play, but let me assure you that we are most definitely aware of the problem and looking into it.
Thank you for your feedback,