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How to report In-Game Bug
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Please try to provide as much information as possible about the issue

  • Title -> short description of the issue
  • Description -> describe the issue you've encountered. Describe it thoroughly yet briefly
  • Severity -> to state how much this affects the gameplay (Cannot complete task in any way = Block, Cannot go prone = Major, Cannot equip Boonie Hat after diving for 5 minutes = Minor)
  • Reproducibility -> use this to warn us that it might not be easy to come across this issue, you can type the repro rate [e.g. x%, (y/z)] to make sure the value is precise
  • Steps to reproduce -> describe how to reproduce the bug, it is easiest to fix a bug that we can reproduce on our own
  • Additional Information -> any other information about the issue you find relevant yet didn't make it into the Repro Steps or Description, if you have any screenshots or videos you can use to describe or help us reproduce the bug, upload it to this section

Important - for each bug, please upload also your RPT and DxDiag files, tutorials can be found HERE.

Sometimes it can be really hard to get the right conditions for the bug. That's where repro mission comes in handy the most. Simple repro mission with as few units as possible, preferrably in VR (if issue is not related to specific map) is much better then 20 additional repro steps.

Example tickets for A3, general rules here are applicable for Project Argo as well

FT Example Ticket

Example (Please do not take this seriously also)

Title: CSAT tank cannot take off

Description: T100 - Varsuk tank cannot take off unless the whole crew gets out and in before starting the engine

Severity: Major

Reproducibility: Always

Additional Info:
Repro rate: 75% (3/4)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start Arma 3
  2. Go to Editor
  3. Place in T100 - Varsuk > (Units - OPFOR - CSAT - Tanks)
  4. Preview Scenario
  5. Start the engine
  6. Hold L Shift to take off

    Observed: T100 will rotate its turret but won't take off, you will need to get whole crew out and in again if you wish to take off Expected: T100 takes off normally

    OS: Windows 10 OS Version: Professional Category: Advanced Flight Model
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We ran into a modder who was killed by my buddy. Butbhe came back and had weapons as soon as he spawned. We left the server. But when we opened a door and there was a land mine on the ground. But we were not able to shoot the mine because the modder had made an invisible wall protecting the land mine from being shot. Unfortunately this land mine killed me and the modder got away with modding.

I‘ve founded 2 bugs. The First one is the weaponscope bug i cant see anything if I try to look for enemys through my scope. And the second one is I cant reload my weapons and I cant shoot even though my magazin is full.

Every time another player jumps into the server I lag my ass off. A zombie will show up 50 feet away and I’ll be attacked by it due to the lagging

Problème item desapear in my stock car battery and spark plug and my axe . One other things y can’t go back in car

Quick equip menu
I was killed yesterday because my quick equip menu wouldn't let me switch weapons so I had an empty gun as I was punched to death and my inventory was not full this cost me 10hrs of looting and a bunch of good weapons and ammo makes it difficult to continue playing

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My friend has picked up an ak101 and dropped it and can not pick it back up he has relogged in and out of the server twice but it has just dissapeared

So I’m just running around in my server and all of the sudden I start bleeding randomly, seriously out of nowhere. I wasn’t being attacked by anyone or anything just running in a road and I start bleeding and almost died because I didn’t notice it was there, because it shouldn’t be right?

Title -> invisible washing hands in ocean dayz xbox
Description -> washing hands causes player to get stuck in tiny invisible circle, must crouch to get out. Hands dont always wash
Severity -major, time consuming and blocking ability to avoid illness
Reproducibility -> 90% for xbox user PorscheGeek
Steps to reproduce -> get hands dirty. Attempt to wash in ocean, attempt to move after, notice invisible wall and crouch and stand up repeatedly until able to move away
Additional Information
Other bugs with issues of other players seeing objects dropped. Items thrown will dissapear 50% of the time.

Fire barrel and regular barrel issue
Most if the time items set inside a barrel will get stuck
Severity major
I have many items i have stored in my hidden barrels and i cannot get them out neither can other users

90% of the time im trying to get things out they wont come out. Yes the barrels are open
Steps to reproduce
Place items in fire barrel and fill barrel. Attempt to take out
Additional information
Sometimes get stuck in gates and doors when opening and closing

People are going under the map to enter bases which negates the efforts and point of building walls and gates. Players will choose terrain lower than the base, lie low and have another player lie on top of them, pushing them under the map then relogging to appear inside the base.

Eating field every eating field crashes its not possibly to alive in a base plaese xhexk this
Server eu-de 9314

Range finders in ARGO are not working, like in Arma 3 when you use a range finder you press a button and it shows you the distance of your target but in ARGO you can't press anything in order to make the range finder work so like, please add a button that makes the range finder tell you the range of your target.

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No possible to play with ps5 at all!!!!

This game just doesn’t work.

I can go around and se all things but can’t pick up nothing, I can se zombies, with doesn’t move at all. And suddently im dieing from zobies cick, meanwhile i cant se any zobies around me.

Big big misunderstanding. Sadly after chaging ps4 to ps5 i will not be able to play this game at all????

I was playing and I ended up finding a Mosin Nagant on the ground. It was my first time finding one and also the only time I’ve found this glitch. I tried to pick up the Mosin but it wouldn’t let me I tried logging off and it still didn’t let me. I tried multiple angles as well and even the vicinity menu said there was nothing there.