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To submit a report, click on the star in the top right corner of the page and select "New DayZ PC Bug Report" or "New DayZ Private Bug Report"

When reporting sensitive information, such as Duplication methods, Bugs that could be abused by other players or sending us crash dump files, please use the private form exclusively!

DayZ is a gritty, authentic, open-world survival horror hybrid-MMO game, in which players follow a single goal: to survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic landscape as long as they can. Players can live through powerful events and emotions arising from the ever-evolving emergent gameplay.

For client crashes, please have a look at the following:

Create a new issue and clearly label it as a crash in the title. For example:

"Game Crash - Dropping a protector case crashes the game"

Next, provide insight into how you got your game to crash. Include as much information about what you were doing around the time the game crashed. Every little detail can help us fix the problem. Remember to mention whether this happens on the stable or experimental branch of the game.

"The game crashed when I dropped a protector case on the ground while playing on an experimental server. I had the protector case in my backpack and drag and dropped it into the vicinity window. The case contained a canteen and a pack of rice. I have tried this several times and it happens every time"

"Game crashed when I dropped a protector case"

Include steps to reproduce if you think that they are necessary and aren't obvious enough from the description. Always describe reproduction step by step.

  1. Open inventory
  2. Place the protector case in your backpack
  3. Drag and drop it into the vicinity tab
  4. Game Crashes

Don't forget to include the game's version (can be found in the main menu).

Now for the most important part of all.

We need you to upload a few files from your computer. Specifically, the crash dumps that are generated with every crash and the dxdiag report from your computer.

Getting your DxDiag file:

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. Write "dxdiag"
  3. Press enter
  4. A window will open
  5. Click "Save all information"

You will get a text file - that's what we need

Getting your crash dumps:

Go to this file location: "C:\Users<Name>\AppData\Local"
There you should see a DayZ folder.
Create a .zip or .rar file of that folder.

Then take the .zip/.rar and the DxDiag file and upload them to the Feedback Tracker issue. You can do so by dragging/dropping your files into the Description text field for example. Use the "New DayZ Private Bug Report" form when sending us crash logs as they may contain personal data from your computer.

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