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May 10 2016

cring0 added a comment to T79483: Add a sound option to lower rain sound level.

An adjuster for rain itself would be ridiculous and most people would just drop it to 0. You can't really allow an adjustment to ambient sounds because those who have it set lower have an advantage over those who don't. The problem is that rain is simply way too loud, and for some reason it seems to down pour way more often than just a light rain. It will do this for hours and most of us have to adjust our sound levels in-game, which is also ridiculous. With effects set at about 90% the rain is nearly blowing out the speakers in my head set! I can barely even hear shots under a couple hundred meters. Playing the Epoch mod, you rely on hearing antagonists before seeing them, and you can't hear anything at all while it's raining.

May 10 2016, 9:23 AM · Arma 3
cring0 added a comment to T79352: Exploit in createunit causes remote exec to bypass filters.

Thank you for taking your time to look into it, it means a lot to the Epoch mod community especially!

May 10 2016, 9:18 AM · Arma 3
cring0 added a comment to T79244: Low memory error with 8Gb RAM.

I think I've had the same issue. It would only crash my game occasionally though. Usually, Windows 7 will throw the dialogue about limiting display settings(changing colors etc.) because of memory usage. It was doing it very often though and usually pulled me out of the game to the desktop.

I went into my display settings in Windows and turned most things off and I haven't had the issue since, but obviously Arma is eating up a bit too many resources at times. I've had the issue while making sure nothing other than Steam was running.

May 10 2016, 9:14 AM · Arma 3