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Add a sound option to lower rain sound level
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Well, the rain is very very very loud in ArmA 3.

When the rain started, you can't hear anything but this.

It could be awesome to add an adjustment bar to set the rain volume.

Thanks a lot for that !


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Launch the game, wait for rain

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An adjuster for rain itself would be ridiculous and most people would just drop it to 0. You can't really allow an adjustment to ambient sounds because those who have it set lower have an advantage over those who don't. The problem is that rain is simply way too loud, and for some reason it seems to down pour way more often than just a light rain. It will do this for hours and most of us have to adjust our sound levels in-game, which is also ridiculous. With effects set at about 90% the rain is nearly blowing out the speakers in my head set! I can barely even hear shots under a couple hundred meters. Playing the Epoch mod, you rely on hearing antagonists before seeing them, and you can't hear anything at all while it's raining.

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Yes, or easier access for devs to tweak the volume, the rain is obnoxiously loud.

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rain is obnoxiously loud.

Rain is loud in game? Quieter in game than in real life, but I can't change the volume f rain only in real life either... Huh...

Edit: not gonna lie, it's raining right now. LOUD!! Better in game. Rain is suppose to be that weather effect that affects gameplay. If it had no sound, it'd be virtually pointless.

I see it like DarkSideSixOfficial... There is no such option in real life so why should there be one ingame? And rain is naturally loud and will avoid you from hearing shots fired a few hundred meters away.

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I tried both versions of ArmA3 (latest stable 1.32 and latest dev branch 1.33), opened the editor and set all weather settings (not the fog) to 100. In my opinion, the volume level of the rain is great and it could be a little louder (like in a cloud burst in real life).

What kind of weather settings have you choosen? Maybe there is a loudness bug with different rain level settings?

Rain is not supposed to be something that is pretty to fight in like Hollywood movies. It is supposed to be something that you would want to avoid. Rain should be a detriment and currently it is.