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Low memory error with 8Gb RAM
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OLD 1.32:
If I disable pagefile, after 1 hour of gaming I get error message "Low memory please close next programs: Arma 3".
If I increase pagefile to 2Gb, I get this message in 3-4 hours of gaming.
If I ignore this message, game closes in 2-5 minutes.

I cannot understand. I have 8 Gb of memory, when I get message I have >4Gb free RAM.
I use SSD and don't want to use pagefile.
Please fix this bug!

NEW 1.36:
The problem evolved. The game not crash any more. But I still get warnings about low virtual memory and after 2-3 warning I get visual glitches. After some time whole PC freezes.


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Disable pagefile in windows.
  2. Play Arma3 for 3-4 hours

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do you have any crashlogs from your game?
C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\
Can you upload somewhere in winrar package please?
When package will be smaller than 5000k, you can attach it here. When package is bigger, please use some free sharing service and post link here.

How to find correct crashdump file:
Try to make the crash happen
Look into crashdump folder
Upload crashdump with latest date in name (crashdump is rpt + bidmp + mdmp file with same name). Please try to provide as many crashdumps as possible, it helps us investigating the problem in a big way.

Thank you.

Have just uploaded 2 crashdumps. Please help.

your dumps have been sent for analysis to programmers.

Thank you, Iceman

This bug is pretty annoying. Cannot play long time even with 2gb pagefile if browser is open.

A week passed, any news?

How is it going, guys? Should I provide any information?

Sorry for my perseverance, but I have to ask again. Do you have any news, BIS?

I thought that crash reports have the highest priority. This problem affect gameplay and probablu performance much.

cring0 added a subscriber: cring0.May 7 2016, 7:29 PM

I think I've had the same issue. It would only crash my game occasionally though. Usually, Windows 7 will throw the dialogue about limiting display settings(changing colors etc.) because of memory usage. It was doing it very often though and usually pulled me out of the game to the desktop.

I went into my display settings in Windows and turned most things off and I haven't had the issue since, but obviously Arma is eating up a bit too many resources at times. I've had the issue while making sure nothing other than Steam was running.

Guys, I cannot play Arma cause of this problem. This crash report with dumps was published 20+ days ago. Did you find the reason this problem? When this bug will be fixed?

Bump. Problem still persists.

Bump. Is it really take so much time to investigate the reason of this problem or you just ignore my problem?

I have a problem and I cannot get any feedback from developers... Thank you so much, BIS. Great job!

@ruPaladin, you're not the only one having game crash problems and this ticket is not the only one in the FT.

I know how annoying this can be, I'm having memory problems too as soon as I want to run the game and a server paralelly...

@Here is Johnny, sure. But I see new game crash reports and they get status "resolved" in a week. I cannot understand why developers cannot write a word about my problem in a month.
I see only one solution - I will post here as often as possible and after that will give logs to Steam to get my money back.

How is it going? This is crash report and it is almost 2 month old...

tyl3r99 added a subscriber: tyl3r99.May 7 2016, 7:29 PM

mate... commenting every other day is not going to speed things up!!

i have 16gb ram and i do not get this issue at all.
you need to reinstall arma i think! or use a ram cleaner and do not use any game booster etc...

Iceman added a comment.Dec 8 2014, 3:52 PM

sorry, but we still cannot tell what is causing the crashes. Can you please upload new dumps from version 1.36?

enable your pagefile for when you want to play arma3!

I monitor physical and virtual ram usage during play, phys is never over 4GB, virt is at 7.2GB 5minutes after joining AW I&A coop server, phys stays stable, virt goes up to 7.7GB at 6h playtime.

when I had pagefile disabled (only accelerated gamestart from 20sec to 8sec mapload from 5sec to 4sec), virtual memory would hit 7.7GB within first hour of play, first "low memory warning" after 90min, game stable up until 4,5h playtime.

I have 8GB ddr3-1866, i5-4670k@4GHz and 3 60GB ssd in raid0 (obviously pagefile on there)
... and I wish my physical ram would be packed with 7.7Gb usage during play and pagefile only be the 4GB... but its the other way around currently =/

In my experience, NedMalloc_bi Malloc seems to be the most stable, especially when eliminating the page file on a SSD.

Hello! I confirm it. Arma uses all my phys and pagefile memory, memsize flag does nothing.
Also my pagefile placed on ssd.