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May 10 2016

TinyBigJacko added a comment to T77101: VOIP issue (Similar to teamspeak when suffering packet loss).

Can confirm we're having the same issue since 1.18 - 80-seat server hosted at ViLayer, which didn't have VON issues before this patch, but definitely do now. Seems to be related to the number of occupied slots: group and global VON are now often unuseable if more than about 50 players are on the server at once.

Curiously, some folks seem to have no problems transmitting and other folks report hearing them 100% - while other folks report hearing them all broken and choppy. Individual ping doesn't seem to be the factor - but some of our highest ping users are often in the 'choppy' club, so it may have a bearing.

May 10 2016, 8:18 AM · Arma 3
TinyBigJacko added a comment to T76687: Non-local vehicles glitching and flying all over the place [Repro + Video].

Just to chip in (albeit rather anecdotally) that we are still seeing the problem on our modified Altis Life mission, despite having now moved from our Vilayer-hosted 80 player server, to a separate dedicated server at OVH, with some monster hardware specs (E5 3.70Ghz 64G RAM).

We're still getting complaints from players (though not nearly as frequently as we did when 1.18 was released) about of all the same problems mentioned above. There do seem to be some coherent relationships forming though... most usually it is someone arriving at a location where non-local vehicles are *already* parked, when they were previously quite a long-range away from those unseen vehicles, who see it in odd places, flying, half-buried, etc. People who have been close by all along, usually don't see odd things (but occasionally explode when getting in them!) High server population does seem to increase the incidence of it happening, or at least speed up/trigger the reports coming in to me. Player ping seems unrelated. Server hardware/power seems unrelated.

Sadly, with 80 players on our server for most of the evenings/nights and quite high numbers during the day too sometimes, it's rather difficult to organise specific repro attempts (there are too many random factors going on with that many people), but we are still keen to help if we can. I would rate the 'flying vehicles' issues (as it is now popularly know by our server population) as our biggest impacting ARMA3 problem by a country mile. It's still the number one cause for in-game money compensation requests due to random death/crashing/inventory loss, etc. :(

May 10 2016, 8:06 AM · Arma 3
TinyBigJacko added a comment to T76687: Non-local vehicles glitching and flying all over the place [Repro + Video].

Definitely not resolved - if anything, worsened by the arrival of 1.18 update. When our 80-seat server is busy (and sometimes well before it is anything like full) we are discovering local vehicles of all kinds in crazy positions - often mid-air, 40ft up or thereabouts. Some players report seeing the vehicles in their correct positions, and can even control them - remote players will then see the 'glitched' floating vehicle begin to turn rotors, etc. If the player who's parked the helicopter on the ground then lifts off and lands immediately, *sometimes* it will be repositioned correctly for those players who saw it hanging on sky-hooks beforehand.

We also had a situation where a car was floating in the air, some players saw it floating, some saw it parked on the ground. It was exploded by someone who could see it on the ground, and it promptly exploded in TWO locations simultaneously (on the ground and in the air), viewable by ALL players. The airborne explosion was enough to kill someone standing below the 'non-existent' ghost floater.

We're also getting reports from people who have encountered 'invisible vehicles' that have been parked in the middle of roads or other random locations, which they've run into at full speed, causing explosions, death and misery. On examination of the facts later, it appears that the vehicles were not parked there at all, but somewhere nearby, safely off the road, and non-moving at the time of impact.

May 10 2016, 8:06 AM · Arma 3
TinyBigJacko added a comment to T71499: Massive RPT-Entry: Cannot dammage remote transport SDV.

Our 80-player server generated around 40,000 lines of this 'cannot dammage' spam in our RPT log within half an hour. We're not sure if it contributed to the slowdown of the server which occurred, or whether that was just coincidence, but we had to kick all the players off the server offline in order to regain control. We suspect that either the SDV's process or the sheer amount and size of the RPT dragged the main game loop down so much that it was eventually unable to handle the database-writes needed for player gear-syncing. Once we deleted the SDV from the live game (via the impound script in Altis Life), things slowly unravelled, and the database layer came back, but it took over an hour to do this. We then shut the server down, and have temporarily disabled the use of the SDV while we bughunt.

Whatever the true cause of our problem, the massive amount of log-spam from this SDV makes the RPT file virtually impossible to use, so on that basis alone, this really needs to be fixed, if possible, please.

May 10 2016, 5:47 AM · Arma 3