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VOIP issue (Similar to teamspeak when suffering packet loss)
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Since patch 118, we are seeing voip issues that have exactly the same symptom as you get when listening to someone speak on teamspeak with high packet loss.
eg only parts of the sentence are heard and in some cases when it gets extreme, it's impossible to make out what someone is saying

This is occuring on a dedicated server colocated at a datcentre hosting between 30 and 50 players which didn't have this issue before the 118 patch


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Run a dedicated server in a wan environment , just to make sure have at least 40 players on and then use voip

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We've noticed some serious clipping as well on VON on our server.

Dedicated server and we can get it to happen with as few as 20ish. Explosions and a good amount of activity (players and AI) seem to have some adverse effect. though when we cleaned it up (dead AI) there was still a significant issue.

Noticed it recently as well, but was not paying attention so I can't say it's tied to 1.18.

Can confirm we're having the same issue since 1.18 - 80-seat server hosted at ViLayer, which didn't have VON issues before this patch, but definitely do now. Seems to be related to the number of occupied slots: group and global VON are now often unuseable if more than about 50 players are on the server at once.

Curiously, some folks seem to have no problems transmitting and other folks report hearing them 100% - while other folks report hearing them all broken and choppy. Individual ping doesn't seem to be the factor - but some of our highest ping users are often in the 'choppy' club, so it may have a bearing.

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I can confirm this as well. The weird thing is that you'd expect the server to be max'ed out on CPU, but the task manager was showing none of the cores maxing out.


thanks for submitting the ticket. There is already another one (see linked please), please write your opinions there. We are currently collecting data so these are highly appreciated.

thank you very much!