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Massive RPT-Entry: Cannot dammage remote transport SDV
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Since the last few Days we have a Problem on Dedicated Server with Missions where SDV Submarines used...

The rpt-file is spammed with the following Message:

21:05:35 Cannot dammage remote transport SDV


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Error Message
Steps To Reproduce

Create a Mission with an SDV
start the mission
get in the SDV
have a look in the *.rpt file

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I can't believe that someone at BIS still can't spell "damage".

Our 80-player server generated around 40,000 lines of this 'cannot dammage' spam in our RPT log within half an hour. We're not sure if it contributed to the slowdown of the server which occurred, or whether that was just coincidence, but we had to kick all the players off the server offline in order to regain control. We suspect that either the SDV's process or the sheer amount and size of the RPT dragged the main game loop down so much that it was eventually unable to handle the database-writes needed for player gear-syncing. Once we deleted the SDV from the live game (via the impound script in Altis Life), things slowly unravelled, and the database layer came back, but it took over an hour to do this. We then shut the server down, and have temporarily disabled the use of the SDV while we bughunt.

Whatever the true cause of our problem, the massive amount of log-spam from this SDV makes the RPT file virtually impossible to use, so on that basis alone, this really needs to be fixed, if possible, please.

yer we get this when ever we use the SDV its quite annoying

vbawol added a subscriber: vbawol.May 7 2016, 4:10 PM

This is still happening as of 1.20

would it be possible to upload the repro mission which causes the RPT spam?

Thank you very much.

just put a SDV in on a mp mission