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May 10 2016

Kaotix edited Steps To Reproduce on T89386: I can glitch through buildings and fences.
May 10 2016, 4:55 PM · DayZ
Kaotix added a comment to T87193: HIT DETECTION.

I'm worried about melee fighting in this game since the engine was obviously NOT meant for it (being a military simulation).

I hope that the hit detection and fighting won't always be as wonky as they are now...

May 10 2016, 3:20 PM · DayZ
Kaotix added a comment to T86791: GHOSTING.

To fix ghosting they just need to make it where when you log back into a server you don't come back EXACTLY in the same spot you logged out.

Let the game spawn you somewhere within a set radius so you'll never know exactly where you'll end up and therefore can't effectively ghost anyone.

May 10 2016, 2:44 PM · DayZ
Kaotix added a comment to T86716: Item Spawning Is Terrible..

After playing for 2 hours I have full gear including helmet, assault vest, large backpack with a scoped m4, 3 first aid kits, tons of ammo, and lots of food.

May 10 2016, 2:34 PM · DayZ
Kaotix added a comment to T86494: Mouse Acceleration Settings [PRIMARY REPORT].

When I first started playing I was hating the negative acceleration but I guess I'm getting used to it.

I suppose it's a little more realistic than being able to do a 180 degree twitch turn head shot call-of-duty style...

May 10 2016, 1:12 PM · DayZ