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Players exiting while in combat switching servers log in move then come back to the server there in "combat" then killing you


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end task

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-Put a 8 min timer every time you change servers that your player dose not mainly play on if you play consistently on one server no timer is needed

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So what you are meaning is an exploit really.

You enter combat with a player.

Lets say you are behind Tree X
He is behind Brush Y
He logs out and switches server, repositions behind you, and logs back in behind Tree X.

Is this what you mean?

And with the additional information I assume you mean that in order to fix this they should limit server changing to once per 8 minutes unless logging back the thesame server that you have been playing on?

Great Idea to add timer .. 8 min or 5 or whatever long

so you cant just right away log out and do a "position change" exploit

also some people just would like to run off a fight like chickens .. so at the log oot you'd had a 5 min timer youd have to still play (or the more you play on the server the less time itll take you to logout

meagle added a subscriber: meagle.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

The problem with the timer is that it prevent legit people from switching serfvers, because maybe a cheater, no loot, friends etc.
It's better to lock their server to their character for 5 minutes or something. This means, being able to join and leave the server, yet once you join a server, you cannot join other servers than the one you joined for 5 minutes. This also deals a blow to server-hoppers, yet it maintains the playability of people with good intentions.

The timer IS a good idea,

remember that it's not a log off timer but a timer which prevents server hopping all together. Log off timer is combat related and would prevent logging out in combat whilst this one would prevent joining servers.

As a legitimate player could end up wanting to join another server and be stuck with the join delay. There fore maybe it could be after 2-3 server hops.

BUT: This is more of a suggestion then a legitimate bug. Therefore I would post this on the forums instead of bug report.

I'd say devs can close this, this belongs on forums and discussion should be goign on there:)

Baguar added a subscriber: Baguar.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

Also server jumpers makes no chances to find good loot..

I agree with the timer. 5 minutes is short enough to not be an issue, but long enough to stop this behavior.

Timer is a good idea, yes. But it really needs to be careful not to be too punishable. Main thing is to kepe the game playable for everyone and not limit it because "some" players do things the rest don't do. They must not be the victim of some unorthodox method of stopping hoppers/ghosters.
Thus makign a times is very delicate tweaking.

PetrvsK added a subscriber: PetrvsK.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

No timer. Just simple dont permit logout when in combat, simple has that.

Be in combat means:
Gun shots around you will be suficient to put you in combat.

Tansien added a subscriber: Tansien.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

A combat logging timer does not protect against ghosting.

tjhay added a subscriber: tjhay.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

@xinthain- great explanation of the exploit !

-Combat timer should be not allowed to log out until out of combat
-Normal log out timer should be 10 sec just normal makes players have to go hide and then log out "gota sacrifice something"

-Ghosting timer/server switch - 5mins minimum 8mins Max
*only need this length of server change so people dont exploit "positioning"
*will even cut down on server switching for loot in the same area*
-as it sits with no timer right now you can just change servers and loot the same spot 100000 diff times

10 seconds is not enough, we use 30 seconds and still have players who dodge using that. 10 seconds in urban warfare is not long, it's quite easy to find a place to hide in that amount of time, especially since the guys chasing you will have to check and make sure you're not going to ambush them

Mihsan added a subscriber: Mihsan.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

"Relogin timer" is a bad idea. I think, that there must be EXIT TIMER instead (if you exit the game your character will stay in it for X minutes).

Kaotix added a subscriber: Kaotix.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

To fix ghosting they just need to make it where when you log back into a server you don't come back EXACTLY in the same spot you logged out.

Let the game spawn you somewhere within a set radius so you'll never know exactly where you'll end up and therefore can't effectively ghost anyone.

Lyonide added a subscriber: Lyonide.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

I think we need a logout timer and an relog timer, they had them on the old private hives and they worked perfectly.

Rusk added a subscriber: Rusk.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM
Rusk added a comment.Dec 22 2013, 10:05 AM

I think rocket mentioned a large set of data is going to be collected and then server hoppers (gaining advantage in combat/hopping for loot) are going to be identified and dealt with accordingly. I would assume the devs are aware and a solution will be implemented at some point. In the meantime maybe do implement a flat timer anywhere between 3 and 10 minutes. Maybe let it increase for every time you drop out of a particular server within a specified time window.

Sorry but this is the way they have the game designed right now. If you aren't server hopping to scrounge what little loot is available per server, you're not going to get very far.

Unless they want to change everything to private hives, which they should, even a timer won't prevent server hopping for looting. Does anyone really think someone will make their way to the Northwest Airfield, and not go do something else for 8 minutes before they switch to an empty server to loot up on? Timer is just a poor temporary fix for a pretty big problem.

If the game stays as one big public hive, there's going to be a lot of private and locked servers.

And Rusk, this is an OPEN ALPHA, if Rocket has any plans of "dealing" with people COLLECTING BUG DATA, which includes EXPLOITS; this game will end up with a worse reputation than War Z. If they don't want people server hopping for loot, they shouldn't have gone back to the archaic and outdated public hive system.

Nobody should ever get banned for combat logging or server hopping for loot farming on the public hive.
That's a horrible solution to a simple problem.

@Kaotix - that would still allow for ghosting. What if hostiles have you blocked inside a building? Just log out, log back in and you'll randomly get placed outside the building? Would put that player in a perfect ambush position.

Ok we are dealing with 2 issues here: PvP ghosting and loot hopping. PvP ghosting is relatively easy to deal with - add a 15 min cooldown to the server the player left if he logs on to another server. This way if you go to WC and log off you can log in after 5 min and continue. On the other hand if you log off and log on to another server the first server will not let you connect for 15 mins. Loot hopping can be fixed by counting the number of servers a player has been logged on to for a set period of time - ex. 2 servers in 15 minutes will trigger a 15 min cd for all other servers that starts when the player tries to log on to the 3rd server

Solo added a subscriber: Solo.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM
Solo added a comment.Dec 25 2013, 12:09 AM

Another option would be to be placed in an area of say 50 metres of your last point where you logged off, this way it's impossible to ghost as you might spawn right in front of the guy instead of behind tree X, this also prevents loot hopping inside the room with the prison building on the airfield.

Thoug I think last option said by starfish here is even better ^^

Make a timer if you want to rejoin the server you were on if you've been to a different one in the last 20-30 minutes, and make that timer pretty long.

Had the drop on someone from inside a military building he disapeared *logged Out* entered the building via other server then logged in behind me. Instant death from behind also very annoying.

lothix added a subscriber: lothix.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

Fix for server hopping to collect loot: Make loot quality random regardless of location and allow you to enter a limited number of different servers per hour.

Fix for ghosting: Add slight randomization to where characters appear on login relative to where they logged out.

Fix for combat logging: Add 30 second timer to logging out (alt-f4 will still keep character in game for 30 seconds). Increase the timer to 1 minute if character is bleeding.

Atanar added a subscriber: Atanar.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM
Atanar added a comment.Jan 2 2014, 6:41 PM

Not being able to shoot for 2 minutes after logging in is the best solution for this issue I think.

ra91111 added a subscriber: ra91111.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

meagle its just a suggestion : )maybe no a good one... the logout timer is a good thing and it has to by in tha game , however in wont solve things like " he disappeared *logged Out* entered the building via other server then logged in behind me. Instant death from behind also very annoying." my best suggestion is not to be able to log back inside buildings towns hot spots etc , if you want to logout in these locations first you will have to wait for 30- 60 sec and when you log back in or change the server you will be teleported somewhere outside in the woods maybe

how about disabling login/logout inside buildings and near other players - if you want to logout near other players all of them will have confirm ( let you logout )
by some button yes/no and a message witch will indicate you that a player near you is trying to logout (escape) . That way if you are somewhere with your friends you will easterly logout , however if you are near other player maybe bandits you will be exposed ; )

meagle added a comment.Jan 7 2014, 3:07 PM

That has to me the most retarded idea I have ever read.

Phugoid added a subscriber: Phugoid.May 8 2016, 2:05 PM

Yeah a timer would work great but only if it was a timer that prevented you entering the SAME server.

Otherwise if you we're having connection issues you'd have to wait ages to play.

Currently this is how it works:

  • You find a safe place (a fallacy, there are no safe places in dayz)
  • You assess the surroundings and determine you would most likely stay alive for the next 30secs
  • you press escape and choose exit
  • you are now looking at the main menu.
  • your character is still in game sitting down for the next 30secs.

Sure it might stop combat logging, but essentially it's a mechanic designed to provide free loot and kills for griefers. Dean Hall vaguely suggested that it was designed to prevent server hopping and ghosting. But I can't see how it does.

The way it should happen

Prevent Server Hopping & Prevent Ghosting

  • Switching server(or server group) within X hours of joining current server(or server group) results in you being moved to a random location that is neither near other players or high value loot locations.

The benefits of this are:

  • Loot Hoppers will be facing a far amount of time running to new high value loot locations each time they change
  • Ghosters will find that they are now facing a long trek to attempt their "flanking" manuvure.

The downsides are :

  • Players performing a legitimate server change will find themselves in new locations.
    • However if these server changes are happening after an hour or so then we should probably leave them in the same location.

Prevent Combat Logging

  • You find a safe place (a fallacy, there are no safe places in dayz)
    • ensure you are not in a status of combat.
    • You assess the surroundings and determine you would most likely stay alive for the next 30secs
  • You press escape and choose exit
  • Your character is sitting down for the next 30secs watching a timer.
    • At this point you are only able to stand back up or move your head.
    • Head movement will not cancel the logout timer process.
    • Standing or clicking the cancel button will cancel the logout process.
  • Someone finds you before the timer ends? move and defend yourself. simple. logout prevented.
    • You will then be in combat for the next 60secs.

People claim my idea allows for abuse, but I can't see how.

The common counter argument is:

  • Sit in a building, with only a door way view to your sitting location
  • Initiate the logout timer
  • Wait for someone to come:
    • If no one arrives:
      • let logout timer get to 29secs, cancel the timer.
    • If someone comes, (now here is their crazy logic):
      • Stand-up and defend yourself. (wow, aborted, much combat log, wut?)

There is a group of people that hate the idea that someone logging out can cancel the logout and defend themselves.
The only reason I can think of that someone wouldn't like that is because it means can't catch people in the process of logging out undefended.

What about 'Once u leave a server you CAN'T go back to it before 10min'?

I t makes more sense this way don't you think?

Solo added a comment.Jan 12 2014, 1:12 AM

at the one about being killed within seconds of logging on, you were killed inside a military compound presumable cause you were server hopping for loot, if you spawn inside the forests nothing of that would have happened.

To avoid this issue do not log off inside a high loot area.

If they are going to insert what you suggest the server hoppers can kill everyone inside the high loot area without getting killed because they are invulnerable for a minute and it would encourage to server hop or ghost.


Thank you for all the feedback!

Closing issue since it's related to a known problem described in the "Game Exploits" section of the following post:

The devs are working on a solution for this problem, but in the meantime please feel free to open a new suggestion post regarding this issue on the Forums.

Thank you