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Melee weapons are extremely inconsistent. It is very difficult to kill zombies with axes, crowbars, screw drivers etc. Because I cant tell exactly where the hit is directed and sometimes the weapon will appear to strike the zombie however, no damage has been dealt.


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Fight a zombie with a crowbar or any other melee weapon.

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This was sorta a problem in the mod that i thought would have been resolved by now.

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i can confirm : even if you don't move and the zed doesn't move too, you can't hit him twice in a row.

I've sat still and let the zombie hit me just to i could get a good hit on him with my hammer. After i died without even hitting the zombie it was obviously a bad decision.

I have found that nearly all the melee weapons beside the axes seem to be useless. Best tactic seems to move in a small circle and try to hit the zombie on the back of the head. While I understand that an axe should do more damage than a baseball bat, I am not sure if 15+ hit from a baseball bat should be needed to kill a zombie. I assume balancing will come in time.

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With an axe melee seems to work properly. I've found it works very well actually. Other weapons seem to be broken at the moment.

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Aye, was close to giving up on killing that zombie with my wrench, when it finally dropped. the next one fell in one hit...seems strange.

Just got in a 4 minute fight with one zombie, trying to kill it with a bat. Hitting is inconsistant as the title sais, it got me bleeding (i have no bandages) so it would be awesome to have this fixed :)

Edit: Found that with a firemansaxe you will always get a one hit kill. With any other melee-weapon, just circle around the zombie and try to hit it on the back. GL killing them!

Completly agree + sometimes you hit throught the zombie which looks like it would be guareentied hit really

Can confirm also Melee weapons need some serious work. Also head shots with a screw driver or crowbars should kill a zed. Seems fair

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I'm worried about melee fighting in this game since the engine was obviously NOT meant for it (being a military simulation).

I hope that the hit detection and fighting won't always be as wonky as they are now...

The best tactic I've found is stand still whilst the zombie runs at you because then they run slower, and when they are 3-4 metres away just sprint at them whilst attacking an you should most defiantly get the hit first due their delayed response. Then step back or out the way at quickly as possible an they should miss you 70% of the time.

Hopefully this isn't too exploitative a tactic.

lol its a bit of a dance trying to get single zombie down...20 hits sometimes allot more per zombie with most of the melee weapons.

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I can also confirm that hit detection is extremely wonky for melee combat, hits regularly fail to land or are detected to the wrong body part, the only melee weapons that are currently really viable are the Axes, which usually result in one hit kills when a hit does manage to connect with the head

Hopefully this can be rectified before beta, because it makes the early game very difficult in a way completely unintended by the developers

The animation should not be so sluggish, and the hit should not be so precise. Melee weapons should be like shotguns and have some leeway as to having to hit directly onto the zombie at exactly the right time. You should also be able to swing faster.

Can't use melee weapons indoors without them ricocheting off the roof. I have to escort the zombies outside before dispatching them.

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The game uses raytracing for melee weapons, get used to it.
If people's complaint is that some weapons do not work as they should they should make a seperate report. The mechanic works as intended and is not buggy/broken.

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just hit their head, every weapon kills them with 1-2 hits to head. and play in first person to hit them...

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I can confirm, using melee weapons feels glitchy because they shoot a bullet at the random spot in the general direction you're facing rather than feel like an actual melee weapon creating a swing arc and hitting what's in front of you.

For example you could be swinging at a zombie in front of you but the bullet shot by the melee weapon will miss the zombie and hit the wall behind it.

I currently hate using melee weapons with the way they are.


It seems that the hit zone for the melee weapons will randomly move to the side of the players view. You can see this happening in the animation as the player swings his axe to the side instead of in front of him.
I witnessed this twice with a fire axe and thought something was wrong immediately when the swing animation was different.

You literally have to have the zombie be 90 degrees to your right in order to hit them.

The issue seems to go away when you log into another server.

agreed. Soooo hard to kill zombies with melee weapons.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for sending in all your feedback regarding this problem! I'll close the issue since it should already be solved.