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May 10 2016

FarmerG added a comment to T64214: AI, Buildings, and Garrisoning.

Yeah, you're totally correct. You can place a squad onto the Map, then move that squad into the building with a move waypoint (and your selected building position). What actually happens however, is that the Leader stands in the correct position, and the AI stand in whatever formation that the squad is currently in. This is NOT garrisoning a building. This is an AI squad leader standing in the correct spot, and the other AI just... well, they're not doing anything really, they're just standing in wedge formation or whatever.

What would be cool is for BIS to provide a 'Garrison' waypoint, much like they've provided a 'Join' or a 'Get in' waypoint (you know, the same ones we've had for like what.. 5 games, or 11 years now?) to Garrison buildings.

May 10 2016, 1:17 AM · Arma 3
FarmerG added a comment to T64214: AI, Buildings, and Garrisoning.

This isn't true. Manning empty static weapons is not garrisoning buildings. They will simply not use buildings using the defend function.


Just tried this to confirm actually. When initialized it causes the AI to all sit on the ground.. so no, in it's current implementation, it's not what anyone's looking for.

As a further note, Heaney. I think most of the people following these trackers realise that the AI is dependant on the mission maker telling it where to go, what to do, etc. But tell me, is there an effective method of telling AI Squad to garrison a building within the editor? Getting in Vehicles or static weapons, searching an area, joining up with others squads, going from point A to point B, unless B is occupied then go to Point C are all simple things that can be done via the editor, with little or even no scripting needed at all. but getting an AI squad into the separate positions of a building is an absolute nightmare. This is what I would like addressed, as I believe that AI garrisoning buildings should be a fundamental (and simple) part to mission making.


The Original Comment I was replying to was deleted.

May 10 2016, 1:17 AM · Arma 3
FarmerG edited Steps To Reproduce on T64214: AI, Buildings, and Garrisoning.
May 10 2016, 1:17 AM · Arma 3
FarmerG edited Steps To Reproduce on T63969: AI will stop moving indefinitely when badly Injured..
May 10 2016, 1:07 AM · Arma 3
FarmerG added a comment to T62920: AI needs building usage routines.

For years now, we've had to put up with poor implementation of how the AI interacts with buildings, with fantastic mods such as GL4, SLX and ASR AI skills we've had mere glimpses in to potential of the AI actually using buildings. I can't stress the immersion peak I had when an AI soldier actually went into a building for cover and then proceeded to return fire out of a nearby window. Please BIS, I beseech you; AI Garrisoning, it needs to happen. We have some semblance of it with the new OPFOR and BLUFOR sites, but I'm asking you to go a step further. Garrison Waypoints in the Editor, Garrison Waypoints In-game, let us tell our AI to enter a building, only for them to choose intelligently what positions to choose rather than choosing every little position ourselves in a prolonged act of tedious micro-management. Even the micro-management is something that is plagued with issues that simply should not be a part of a 2013 vision of ARMA: the way AI seem to forget that they have any kind of clipping and simply walk through walls and other AI to get to that very specific spot you've chosen for them (they'll even stand inside eachother!). The way AI forget that their highly trained killing machines, losing any desire to effectively fire on the Enemy, and seem to lose all semblance of awareness once they've passed between the frames of a door.

Let's face it, Buildings are a vital part of how Soldiers interact with an environment, and right now that isn't being simulated well with the current AI, and I feel that it's such a fundamental part of the game; such an important aspect that is pivotal to the experience of immersion with an ArmA game, that it warrants BIS's, rather than our (excellent) modding community's, attention. Please, as a long time fan (OFP:CWC and beyond)it's time to up the building game.

May 10 2016, 12:20 AM · Arma 3