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May 10 2016

Corvus_X added a comment to T70559: Arma 2 maps in Arma 3.

"Corvus, what the fuck is that?"

At first: My decision!
Do you blame the people who decide to buy the developer version of A3?
Just because some people feel the way that they want to support BI?
Well I won't. (No, I didn't bought it, just the standard Version)
Who does not want to pay for BI-DLCs, can use the DLC "Lite" Version like they did for the A2 DLCs.

"And why do you want more people to be forced to use them? why dont we just make everyone use every addon in existence then?"

Never want them force to USE nor did i wrote it.
I wrote "The more people are "forced" to HAVE it the more will use it (Server)." That should already explains why I want that everybody has it.
But for you i try to specify it:

  1. The Quotes around forced are there for a reason ,
  2. If you have something you don't have to search for, dl, update etc... could bring you easier to a point where you at least test it.

3.And most important:
Do you were angry after the A2-patches which "forced" you to install BAF-,PMC- and ACR-"LITE" ? Really?
4.Some people like to have Takistan as an official map (in this Feedbacktracker)for A3.
I guess because of its desert nature it might be not so "resourse hungry" so it's much smoother to play online, maybe their PCs are week too. (I personal don't like Takistan that much)
My opinion is: As long as it is part of a Mod the servers for that would be much less as it would be if everybody has it on default (as a DLC "lite").At least no one can chose it if a server is empty and the AIA mod is not installed on it. If it's in A3 by default....

"or better, let BIS disable every Addon content for ArmA, you know, JUST LIKE EA"

Ouch, why that?
That is 100% the opposite what i want I don't want to disable Addons all I want is: more ALREADY EXISTING, OFFICIAL CONTENT on DEFAULT.
I never said nor indicated anything like it.
Remember: "...Until that happens I certainly stick to AIA and am glad to use it as a free mod.."
It seems i forgot to thank the moder/s for his/their hard work.
Honestly: To all moder, mapdesigner, scripter and texture artist:
Thank you! you made Arma to what it is. A great infinitively growing game.

BUT the content i want as DLC is official BI content, so why should i don't like to have them as an official DLC?

F++k EA

Another reason why I (and BI too!) don't want to disable Addons
is simply the reason that Bi takes good Ideas and put them into their games.
For example: "Warfare" included since A1.
Just because the CTI maps in OFP, done by the community, were that popular.

aaand anotherone: There were some RP-Maps (City Life, Sahrani-Life later Chernarus Life) you where able to save your stuff and stats in CL.
Now BI develops DAYZ what is from a technical view similar to CL (Saving stats, saving content even if you log out...)

You want use Addons, use them. I will do it too.
For some things I have no other options e.g. BW-mod. Not everyone who plays Arma2 is german, so I never would have the Idea to request such a mod as an official DLC.

BUT Official BI stuff that is more and more technical possible to get into the new Game engine, must not be an unofficial Addon.
In my view It's BIs job to include it proper. ... "In Arma3, Arma4, Arma5 or what ever comes next!" ....
Oh, and did i mentioned that I would pay them for this job?

As I said before.
Maybe it's worth to search for or open a topic about this in the forum.
If you do so it would be nice to add the link here, as long as its open.

May 10 2016, 5:17 AM · Arma 3
Corvus_X added a comment to T70559: Arma 2 maps in Arma 3.

@Dr Death

Lol , Wow, that you still remeber it ... Well it was the time shortly after Bi lost the Name "operation Flashpoint" to Codemasters. So they named it like this. "The Game" that rings a bell for me, so I googled a bit.
The project was called "Game 2" (I wont blame you Dr. it's amazing you still got it in mind ;) )

Ad2001 you can start your "google journey" about "Game 2" here:

May 10 2016, 5:17 AM · Arma 3
Corvus_X added a comment to T70559: Arma 2 maps in Arma 3.

Dr Death you are right, its a new game with new things, like a new engine thats makes it easier to implant old Arma 2 stuff.

I am glad to have at least AIA but i would still prefer some official stuff.

CAA1 for Arma 2 was downloaded 42515 times - CWRearmed 2 (OFP) 20175 times. (just at armaholic.)

Why should I not tell BI to think about to make some dollars for an official "CAA1" and "CWR"?

AIA proved that it's already "easy" to implant it into A3 and AIA also proved that BI anyway has to do some more to make AIA more functional.

So, as friking often as it is necessary:

I would like to get an complete official Armavers into the best Arma engine that is currently available.
In Arma3, Arma4, Arma5 or what ever comes next!
(I never said I want it now!)

As much as i'm thankful to the people who made the CWR, CAA1, and now AIA, I also would pay for official stuff just to get a COMMUNITY WIDE STANDARD.

Until that happens I certainly stick to AIA and am glad to use it as a free mod.

This Feedback Tracker "Feature request" Section is the best way to tell BI what people want as a feature for the current game.
Via: Summary, Description and the votes
Before release but in my view also for later times like here where it is not necessary for the game but still a "nice to have" suggestion.
The "Master Ticket" has the status "reviewed" so it can't be that wrong.

But I agree a discussion belongs to the forum.

Normally I don't discuss here but as long as this is a double I don't care.

There is nothing i could add to your last post ;)

Maybe it's worth to search for or open a topic about this in the forum.
If you do so it would be nice to add the link here, as long as its open.

May 10 2016, 5:17 AM · Arma 3
Corvus_X added a comment to T70559: Arma 2 maps in Arma 3.

seems to be a double

Status "reviewed" so there is some hope.

I think this one here will be closed soon.

Because of that and because I already voted in 7406
I do something i don't like in a bugtracker and add my personal opinion.
Anyway, here are my two cents:

I think this is an good feature request, if you use AIA you know that there are issues only BI can "fix".

I also would pay for an official DLC even if it's "just" the way ak47mm mentioned. (no new textures, etc)
I always would prefer official content than a Community-mod, just because:
The more people are "forced" to have it the more will use it (Server).

Bis could handle it like all other DLCs they made, free: with texture limits, no missions/campains etc. and full graphics and so on, for a payed DLC. Maybe BI can make the DLC unlock-able with the old ARMA1 and or Arma2 Serial number too.
There are many ways to solve this.

And in this case BI must help us anyway (take a look into the readme of AIA).

I just can speak for myself, I own OFP, ARMA, ARMA2, TOH (and TOM ;) ) and of course Arma3.
I won't care if some new "Arma3 people" would get a 3 or 5 years old or older game content, that i have paid for, for free.
Anyway, BI has to decide this.

It's also not needed to get any official DLC right now in Beta state or 2 weeks after release.

BI is focused to give us a great Arma3 game and should keep in mind to add all the stuff they already made, lets say, a year after the release.

I loved the ofp and Arma1 mods for Arma2 CO.
Honestly, we had these great mods but servers running/using this are/were very rare.

I hope BI just keeps it in mind to realize this huge ARMAVERSE .... someday.

May 10 2016, 5:17 AM · Arma 3
Corvus_X added a comment to T69934: Some sort of group chat for a post..

+1 from me for: "I'm getting tired of people spamming tickets with discusions that come down to tinny B*tch fights."

Maybe it would be enough if someone (the reporter) adds a link to a new discussion threat in the Arma 3 forum as soon as such a "discussion" starts.

I mean not for technical pros and contras but for all the "taste discussions".
Someone starts the suggestion to add pink off-roader.

In this case it would be enough to vote it up or down to show the devs if the community wants it or not.

Personal opinions like "No, don't add it because it's for little girls, looks gay and hurt my eyes" or the opposite "yes please add it because it's my favorite color and i badly miss pink cars" should be written in a forum post like
"Issue ID No. - Adding pink cars? "
The reporter or the one who like to start a discussion about personal taste should add the link into the description field / his note.

Another good example is the "Add models for female soldiers" sugestion here with > 800 notes of personal opinions, so that maybe technical suggestions would not be noticed. ... Really, who should read all this?

To open a threat in the Arma 3 discussion Forum (in a new section like "issue discussion" ? ) could have another good side effect too, People who don't visit the Issue Tracker maybe notice the suggestion and are able to vote it up or down.

Feel free to post your Personal opinoin about this (and the pink offroader ;) )

May 10 2016, 4:53 AM · Arma 3
Corvus_X added a comment to T69921: Strange disappearance of an enemy diver in SCUBA Showcase...

The enemy divers also have often (not always) some other strange behavior like ignoring the player and not get killed by hitting them with >20 rounds. I followed the diver to the rocks, he didn't disappeared, just walked in a circle like he was disorientated. Just a head shot could kill him. Btw. The other diver died like expected after 3 body hits. (Arma3 Beta 0.73.107682)

Additional info: Scuba is not necessary to reproduce it, place a couple of enemy divers (no ammo) in the editor, kill the first and try to kill another without hitting his head. As long as the enemy diver is moving forward (horizontal) it seems to be impossible to kill him.

May 10 2016, 4:53 AM · Arma 3
Corvus_X added a comment to T68417: Movement glitch on "Night" showcase.

This seems to be the same bug like in ID#0009937.
I had it in "Night" showcase as well as in certain different areas and missions, but it looks like that it is fixed (at least for me) and I didn't got this anymore since todays update (24-06-2013 16:02).

May 10 2016, 3:53 AM · Arma 3
Corvus_X added a comment to T66903: [Control Improvement Request] Freelook Enabled in Land Vehicles Overriding Heli Flying with Mouse Keybinds.

The "enable freelook" option works like a charm for land vehicles, but not for helis. Well i prefer a default free look as a land vehicle driver, default no-freelook as gunner (like it is now with option "freelook enabled")and fly an air vehicle with joystick. But for people who want to use a mouse for flying the enable freelook option makes it,like KardasLT already said, impossible to fly with the mouse. Atm no 2xleft Alt to disable freelook will work in air vehicles (tested with MH9). So +1 from me for this request.

May 10 2016, 2:59 AM · Arma 3