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Some sort of group chat for a post.
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I'm getting tired of people spamming tickets with discusions that come down to tinny B*tch fights.

My post
The notes are not really about the main post annymore its about everyone on 1 guy for the past 100 notes.

Would be nice if they could take this somewhere else.


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+1 from me for: "I'm getting tired of people spamming tickets with discusions that come down to tinny B*tch fights."

Maybe it would be enough if someone (the reporter) adds a link to a new discussion threat in the Arma 3 forum as soon as such a "discussion" starts.

I mean not for technical pros and contras but for all the "taste discussions".
Someone starts the suggestion to add pink off-roader.

In this case it would be enough to vote it up or down to show the devs if the community wants it or not.

Personal opinions like "No, don't add it because it's for little girls, looks gay and hurt my eyes" or the opposite "yes please add it because it's my favorite color and i badly miss pink cars" should be written in a forum post like
"Issue ID No. - Adding pink cars? "
The reporter or the one who like to start a discussion about personal taste should add the link into the description field / his note.

Another good example is the "Add models for female soldiers" sugestion here with > 800 notes of personal opinions, so that maybe technical suggestions would not be noticed. ... Really, who should read all this?

To open a threat in the Arma 3 discussion Forum (in a new section like "issue discussion" ? ) could have another good side effect too, People who don't visit the Issue Tracker maybe notice the suggestion and are able to vote it up or down.

Feel free to post your Personal opinoin about this (and the pink offroader ;) )