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Strange disappearance of an enemy diver in SCUBA Showcase..
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After saboting the enmy boat I started to attack the 2 divers, I killed 1 and the second went in direction of coast.
Arriving nearly coast the diver went out of water and disapeared in the rock fall. {F20869}


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Don' t know if it can happen again.

Open the SCUBA Schowcase.

Sabote boat after disarming mines.

Kill 1 diver and follow the second to the coast.

A magical disappearance in the rock fall.

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The enemy divers also have often (not always) some other strange behavior like ignoring the player and not get killed by hitting them with >20 rounds. I followed the diver to the rocks, he didn't disappeared, just walked in a circle like he was disorientated. Just a head shot could kill him. Btw. The other diver died like expected after 3 body hits. (Arma3 Beta 0.73.107682)

Additional info: Scuba is not necessary to reproduce it, place a couple of enemy divers (no ammo) in the editor, kill the first and try to kill another without hitting his head. As long as the enemy diver is moving forward (horizontal) it seems to be impossible to kill him.

Yeah I noticed that too, like the guy is lost. An the SDAR is like very very underpowered or not precise at all, cause now with the blood in water it's easier to know if the guy is hit or not, and at less than 5m int this case ( by following the diver in direction to coast ). I've got same issue for SDAR out of water ( very underpowered or not precise ).

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