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May 10 2020

Redjester added a comment to T146522: Basebuilding: Fence / Watchtower building behavior suggestions..

I think this game is on the verge of being all time great if they actually fixed a few things that are stated on this page, like making it harder to break into bases that people have gone to the trouble of finding all the wire and necessary materials to make them. I've lost interest in the building aspect of the game in which i think a lot of us have as it can be easily penetrated not only by players but also the npc's, so after hours of foraging through cities and towns for all the gear i needed only to be attacked by wolves and zombies in it was not fun. It's a shame because some of the awesome bases I've seen people build on this game will start to disappear due to reasons like this.

May 10 2020, 12:53 AM · DayZ