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Dec 17 2018

eliw00d updated subscribers of T113667: CR75 magazine capacity is too low.

@Geez Now that DayZ is 1.0, any chance this could be looked at?

Dec 17 2018, 5:08 AM · DayZ
eliw00d added a comment to T122779: My car flied away.

So, my brother and I just experienced this on DayZ US 5136315 (if there are logs for that server that could help) around 21:00 today. We found an Ada 4x4 in need of repairs and my brother decided to get into the car to check fuel levels and the other gauges. As soon as he got in, the vehicle started to lift off and shake around, eventually flying away. While it was a funny sight to behold from my perspective, from his perspective it was impossible to get out of the vehicle in time and eventually his screen went black as he went unconscious and died from the violent shaking. At one point, the car must have been 100 feet in the air and flew maybe a mile or two to the east of where we found it. I chased after it in an attempt to get his gear, but it was upside down and could not be interacted with. So, he lost a lot of valuable loot which equals many hours of time spent. It will be even more hours spent running across the map to get to where I am, so he is extremely frustrated and put off by the game now.

Dec 17 2018, 4:35 AM · DayZ

May 11 2016

eliw00d added a comment to T113667: CR75 magazine capacity is too low.

Credit to Gews for the picture:

It would set it apart from the FNX 45, and be authentic.

May 11 2016, 7:05 AM · DayZ