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Apr 6 2021

Kjdafirecracker added a comment to T157673: 1.12 Exp Melee Damage Changes.

I honestly dont know what to say about this 1.12 expiramental combat... all I can do is shake my head. Zombies in 1.12 are stupid. Whoever thought it was a good idea to remove zombies being stunned by melee weapons should be fired. I've been playing this game tons lately loving 1.11 so I figured I'd give this 1.12 a quick go.. less then 20 minutes and I simply cant take it anymore! Zombies spotting me crouched from huge distances, NO ZOMBIES GET STAGGERED?!?! WTAF, huge disappointment! Zombies are constantly dodging around doing their stupid little ape walk all the time as it is, so on top of dealing with that now you expect us to put up with them not getting stunned either??? Seriously if this gets into a stable patch I'm going to uninstall so quickly. I've been loving 1.11 and I was hoping 1.12 was gonna be some simple QOL improvements (which their are some I'm happy with), but changing zombie combat changes 75% of the game for me as a PVE player and im not okay with that at all! Leave the zombies alone please!

Apr 6 2021, 3:03 AM · DayZ