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Apr 29 2022

Malice added a comment to T155551: Item descriptions sometimes do not fit on the screen.

Come on, almost two years and still no fix to such a simple issue? This heavily impairs the experience as I (and many other players) cannot read descriptions of items and either have to give up on reading it or do some tricks so that the description renders far enough to fit in. Just fix it!

Apr 29 2022, 9:02 PM · DayZ

Apr 28 2022

Malice created T164579: Item description window renders out of screen on widescreen monitors.
Apr 28 2022, 5:43 AM · DayZ

Apr 21 2022

Malice created T164395: Some keybinds with more than 1 keybind set get saved incorrectly as (key1 + key2) instead of (key1 or key2)..
Apr 21 2022, 1:59 PM · DayZ