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May 10 2016

georgie added a comment to T75893: Game keeps minimizing to desktop after start.

I have the same problem in Arma 3 and Take On Helicopters. From searching the web, it seems to have been a problem in Arma 2 as well.

1920x1200 fullscreen hdmi 59(59.9...)hz refresh rate in windows, 60hz in Nvidia panel
i5 4670k stock settings
12gb ddr3 1600
GTX 770 2gb
120gb ssd gpt

The game works fine in Windowed mode, fullscreen results in minimizing to desktop.

I thought it was the 59.9...hz refresh rate on my monitor or the DDC/CI settings, etc, etc, but like you said it seems to be random. I had it working for a few days then today no more.

To add, I haven't had this happen yet with the DayZ standalone, which runs on the TKOH engine, though I've uninstalled that as of now.

Edit: I uploaded my TKOH .RPT and I will upload one from Arma 3 after I reinstall. The RPT I uploaded was generated after I was forced to close TKOH in the task manager.

May 10 2016, 7:47 AM · Arma 3