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[Suggestion] Identify friend from foe: Arm bands
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I think I've actually been killed more often by own friends panicking and shooting me by accident (thinking I'm a bad guy) than actual people shooting at us.

I would like to propose the following solution: Another wearable item, that you can colour in using spray paint, that can be worn over the sleeve.

I was thinking you could construct them from rags - tear apart a shirt, paint it and then choose an arm, rather than have them as another item to be found in game.

It would be nice if the player can choose which arm (or perhaps even a leg) to wear it on, to allow for more subtle methods of identification.

Should time allow, you could allow the player to get creative and paint patterns onto the arm band, rather than having it as a single solid colour.


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Totaly agree. I have another idea but less realistic : the ability to tag a player with his consent.
step 1 : go near someone and use action "teammate with this survivor"
step 2 : send message to this survivor "playername want to team with you, agreed?"
step 3 : both players can see the other player's name when aiming at him.

No more friendly fire because we can't recognize someone with identical outfit.

There shouldn't be any additional hud elements, as that would go against what I think is the core of the game.

Also agreed with that. The idea with another customisable outfit will be great but this should not be a long quest to craft a colored rag. It will be nice if we can attach this rag to anything : primary wapeon, axe, helmet, sleeve... like a clan tag :)

Big no to the additional HUD element. But agreed on the rag or any other customisable visual identification

I think use a sewing kit on a rag should be enought for create a colored rag, then combine rags together to create multicolor one.

first of all we need some more sprac cans, other possibilities to paint our arm bands

i suggest to think over painting helmets, fully or with a pattern like one stripe

won't do any good if a bandit kills you then takes your armband to infiltrate your group

Crashoverride - it's not meant to be fullproof! And that would be an added element of risk! It only makes it more interesting

It would be very roleplay. But I've the feeling that clan tag would be a little too... "game" for DayZ.

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There is two color spray paints in the game so how many guys you think are gonna have green arm bands or leg bands? Everyone needs to seriously consider that this is still just a game...they can add a simple party system that allows us to see a small hexagon (similar to arma 3) when our squad mates are close...will make everything better...I don't see why this game should have ZERO is still a game at the end of the day.

I doubt they add anything like this, arm bands tends to have clipping issues, they float when the character is in underwear and it would be invisible with some coats. It is easier to make it with hats, which are also already avaible in game and they are easier to see than a arm band that you can't spot at 20 meters.

There are already enough clothing possibilities to make your group unique. And even more clothing will come with the next patch.
DayZ was in my opinion not designed to be a team-game. Yes, it's nice many survivors build teams and stuff. But it's also nice they have to use their intelligence to keep the team alive.

Knowing where your friends are and what they're doing is at first a question of good communication anyway.

I would love to be able to collect rags and create armbands. Especially if i could choose to put them on my right, left, arm, leg, or other... that would make identifying friend from foe a little easier. And it might be used against you and you might find others doing exactly the same! So it would be in RL.

Great idea!

Tear up shirt: Create Rags that retain shirt's color/pattern
Use Sewing kit on colored Rags: 'Craft Armband' that retains rag color/pattern
Use another colored Rags on Armband: 'Apply Patch', select a simple geometric shape, adds chosen shape to Armband in color of applied Rag.
Use Pen on Armband: 'Draw Symbol', select a simple icon (letters, numbers, playing card suits), adds chosen symbol in center of Armband or on an applied patch in color of used Pen.

One base color Rag, one color Patch, one color symbol. No opportunity for abuse.
Only one Armband can be worn at a time, on either bicep.
Armbands cannot be disassembled, but can be torn into plain Rags.

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Excellent idea SgtPotatoes

Ițm with SgtPotatoes that would be awesome

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Agree with SgtPotatoes, BUT while using this we should get the Arma 3 hexagon also.
In real life not everyone has the same face anyway so stop saying this is ment to be as real as it gets.
Also 20 jackets or so to choose from to customize the character individually still is BS as everyone goes for the camo look. This is also fail when playing at night.

Good news! Armbands are in .53!