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5+ Containers causing Server Interaction response failure
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I've been testing this bug thoroughly the last few days,
The Symptoms are basically the following :

  • Can't Vault
  • Can't Open Doors / Interact with anything that uses the pop up interface thing.
  • Can Use inventory BUT It does not update on the client side.
  • Can't Equip a weapon (unless it was equipped before the bug initiated)

Reproducing is a bit of luck but typically easy (for me, and apparently many others looking at the thread provided below)


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Loot until you find atleast 5 or more containers (ProtectorCase, Medkit, Ammobox)
  • Disconnect
  • Connect again (to any server)
  • You should have the error, if not try another server (or get another container)
Additional Information

Things that have happened, after dropping a container ( and moving far away from it probably a 10 km ) and then reconnecting to the same server where you dropped it. Will fix it UNTIL you walk back into its range.

Issues with connection (or instance of a connection in this case) sometime the server might work, but only that particular connection instance. Same server might not work if you reconnect, this might be a performance issue OR an issue with player vicinity having more containers. It is very rare for a server to work after reconnecting once the bug has already happened (unless the particular problem was in someone else's inventory within the vicinity, which has happened when a friend collected like 7 containers)

I've tested if it was save data related or by exchanging accounts with a friend to see if he got the same problem on a save that I CONFIRMED had it, it turns out he played perfectly fine. And i managed to recreate the bug in his account as well, which indicates its related to MY END but triggered by the containers, this does not mean it can't be fixed or bypassed by better coding on the developers end either.

Here is what I can confirm so far:

  • The containers definitely trigger the bug on a new synchronization (or connection) to the servers.
  • It is something in OUR network configuration / PC that is CAUSING the RARENESS of it.
  • It is NOT the saved CHARACTER AND/OR ITEM that gets bugged.
  • It is related to the VICINITY of the player, as some spawn where you MIGHT be near some containers (on a Player OR GROUND?)
  • Approximately 3-6 containers are required for this to occur, it probably varies on the configuration issue.
  • What happens is the connection with the server, is maintained but ONE-SIDED, thep layer can communicate to the server.
  • BUT the server tries and fails to communicate back OR the player fails to RECEIVE it.
  • It happens in both stable and experimental.

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Hi Lord_Meshadieme,

thanks for this report, VERY nice. We're looking into this now.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 5:14 PM

The local end part of it, is just that not everyone has enough bandwidth to receive the obscene amount of data its sending.

Yep, it's looks like bandwith usage of the game grows enormously with the amount of containers on the players in vicinity, and players get desync when their connection get's bottlenecked.

This is game breaking for my friends with lower bandwidth connections, simply can't play with groups. can we get an update on this, as of date of this post it is ongoing with the current version/hotfix recently applied.

toplez added a subscriber: toplez.May 8 2016, 5:14 PM

still have problem after hotfix 0.43.116251

Having this Problem too, my duplicate:
Hope you will fix this.

Confirmed still happening with latest .42 version. I will try on experimental soon. Getting a good amount of containers is Sky rocketing network usage STILL.the problem is recieving packets are huge, why are the developers not reqorking the netcode yet? this is such a vital thing , and your try to make 100 ppl servers when the desync is such and big problem. i was on an empty ALONE 1/40 server when this was happening ofcourse i had a lot of containers, (Assaults Vest, Protector Cases MedKits Ammo Box 6 Pocket Clothing) but this should not make 1.2 download speed choke like this makes absolutely no sense for your servers to be spend such a massive amount of data.

Please prioritize this, its a bit embarassing.


we actually are working on netcode updates. Hang in there :)

Okay, thanks for keeping us informed.

Also confirmed happening in experimental 0.44

Still happening with yesterday's update on experimental, with the NetMsg update.

What i've noticed from my bandwidth usage, is a reduction in your server's "world update" frequency, but does not reduce the massive amount of data a single world update needs.

Finally collected a good 11 containers, seems to be alot better in the new experimental, 0.45. Did you guys do some netcode changes?


we managed to identify the problem with the help of another issue here on FT and found the cause of the problem. We believe that this problem should now be resolved on the Experimental version of the game.

Can you please confirm?

Thank you!

Yes it does feel alot better, and network usage has dropped, ive collected 11 protector cases, 4 medkits and an ammo box so far. Seems good gonna try and meet up with some more people (anyone want to volunteer?) with more containers to let you know more.

Not having trouble dropping and picking things up, except for the rubberbanding causing things to drop outside the building instead sometimes.

Well i can confirm it has been fixed now, me and a friend gathered over 40 containers together, it looks like its fixed even nested protector cases down 4 levels without desync or anything.


thanks for getting back to me. I'm glad that you're no longer having problems.

Closing this one.