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Tree, bush, and rocks hitboxes block weapon rounds when they shouldnt
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If you hide behind certain trees, bushes, rocks and attempt to fire past or over them they will block the bullets.
A perfect example is the rock cliffs along the road from Elektro to Cherno, an otherwise perfect ambush location but you cannot shoot anyone in the road from the rocks even when standing because an invisible rock wall blocks the bullets.
I also saw a youtube video of someone shooting a guy laying beneath a bush and the bush blocked all the bullets then the guy in the bush one shots the guy who by all means would have killed the bush man.




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Be near a tree or bush and start shooting past it, the bullets are all blocked and do not penetrate.

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Very frustrating. Had noticed this before "on a small scale", but yesterday when tried to ambush some people at Rify, at first I had crouched behind a couple of rocks so that I should have been able to shoot over the them without a question considering where my crosshair was. First round richocheted off the "rocks" (air above them), then I stood up so that my crosshair was ~1,5 metres above the rocks but still every bullet richocheted off the rock's hitboxes right in front of me.

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Further game play indicates to me its about impossible to successfully fire a round from prone position without it being blocked by the ground.

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Same thing happened to me today, trees have huge invisible walls around them. Even when prone like 1m besides the tree I was hitting an invisble wall. I think it's the trees that have big roots over the ground that block your shots.

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I uploaded a few example screenshots here: 0007060

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Confirmed. It also happens when you are in prone position. The rounds hit an invisible ground hitbox. Workaround is to go to kneeling position but that exposes you.

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