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FNX 45, .45ACP ammo don't work (Wiki says it should)
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As it says. Can't load .45ACP into FNX45


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pretty sure you need a magazine that fits in the gun

fluxley added a subscriber: fluxley.May 8 2016, 2:39 PM

Yep, you need a magazine.

Are you telling me that there's 'The Gun', 'The bullets' AND a 'seperate magazine' to put the bullets into? Doesn't that seem... unnecessarily unintuitive? Why not just have the magazines with bullets in them in the game. Why would there be loose bullets laying around randomly... that's just more confusing than helpful lol.

Not to mention, why would the 'Gun' in itself not already have a magazine to load the bullets into? Someone dismantled it on purpose or what? No logic. Also there's no text description on the gun, it's all black.

Because you can find boxes with ammunition which u can load into the existing clip ;)
The M4 for excample has 4 or 5 different types of clips so far i have seen yet (10/10 in different color/20/30/40/2x30 taped)
So i like it with the clips. Did you ever bought ammo in a store that came in a clip already? dont think so ^^

Lindenkron, that's how guns work...

"Why not just have the magazines with bullets in them in the game."
Why not just have all loot in your inventory on spawn. ;) Find clip, I found couple 15-bullet mags.

"Because you can find boxes with ammunition which u can load into the existing clip ;)
The M4 for excample has 4 or 5 different types of clips so far i have seen yet (10/10 in different color/20/30/40/2x30 taped)
So i like it with the clips. Did you ever bought ammo in a store that came in a clip already? dont think so ^^ "
No, have you ever bought a gun without a clip in it? (At least empty) Don't think so. Then what would be the point...

"Lindenkron, that's how guns work... "
No, guns don't exist without clips unless someone purposely removes it - for that I don't see a point. Why is there no clip in the gun already that I can load the bullets into? Logic...

"Why not just have all loot in your inventory on spawn. ;) Find clip, I found couple 15-bullet mags."
I get your point. But it wouldn't be an issue if the gun actually had a clip in it. What gun doesn't have a clip, if just empty. It comes with the freaking gun, no one makes guns without clips would be worthless. My point still stands.

And let's say someone DID remove the clip. That's just again unnecessary design. In which case you should be able to COMPLETELY dismantle the entire thing as per real life. And again, that's just unnecessary excessive design. Just have bullets be loaded into a gun. Simple as.

Its a simple bit of game design that forces players to have to search more to find a complete gun, i personally think all stanag mags should be found empty also.

You seem to have missed the conversation. It's not about the mags or not being found empty. It's the fact that something that is part of the gun, isn't in the gun. It's like someone manually dismantled it - which is very unimmersive. Why would there be a gun and not a magazine in it? (Empty). They come that way. If anything the entire gun should then be split into the 20 parts a gun consists of - and spread out. If you want to go that way in the design route. But it just seems unnecessary. So have a gun, and let it have a damn magazine so people can load the bullets they find into the gun. It's beyond silly that there's not a magazine in the gun.

I read the conversation, i just have a different opinion to you.
though i do agree that having guns sometimes split into more parts would be a good feature. having at least the magazine separate is better than finding a complete gun.

@fluxley if the world were to be taken over by a zombie apocalypse tomorrow, the guns wouldn't be separated and spread out. The matter of fact is that very few people actually know how to dismantle a gun.

There really is no reason for the gun to be split a part except for the bullets seeing as those are generally stored separately and the ones already in the chamber (if any) could've been shot already.

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"The matter of fact is that very few people actually know how to dismantle a gun."

Majority of guns are found in military areas, though. I would think the people there before the apocalypse would know how to handle their weapons..

@R834 as valid of a point as that may be, why would they leave it dismantled? You only dismantle your weapon to clean it after which you re-assemble.

I can't find logic in this scenario... I don't see why other people try so hard to do so.

R834 added a comment.Dec 19 2013, 4:21 PM

Well, it's not like they're completely stripped down. Every M4 I've found so far has spawned with its front and rear sights. It's just the magazines that are removed.

Maybe everyone in Chernarus is super careful about storage and don't like leaving empty mags in their weapons.

I don't know, but there's not much point arguing against the logic when the whole thing is just, as Fluxley pointed out, a game mechanic to slow down players getting fully working guns.

flexAUT added a subscriber: flexAUT.May 8 2016, 2:39 PM

maybe the devs are more concerned about other stuff atm than guns spawning with different attachments... so currently theres only this one without a mag, that will posibly change (as it was mentioned by rocket in a stream) later on.

It's a game mechanic, nothing more. If they spawned guns with clips in them, they would have to spawn _a lot less guns_. Finding a gun should be hard. Finding a clip should be hard. Finding bullets should be hard. Once you've found all three, you've accomplished something.

This game mechanic is much better than what the dayz mod had, which was everyone running around with OP guns and chests full of ammo.

I have yet to see any magazines for the MNX45. I have seen several of the guns, lots of ammunition, but no magazines. Not sure if they haven't been added or if i'm just really unlucky though.

Also when holding the FNX45 you can not manually chamber a cartridge like you can the Mosin and the M4. This makes it entirely useless without a magazine.

You guys have ever been in the military or had a relative in the MIlitary? I guess not.
Guns are stored SEPARATED from both Ammunition and Magazines for safety purpose, so it's pretty common to find any gun whitout it's magazines or ammo.
Think about it. You walk into a gun store, and all the weapon you find are hanged to the wall whitout it's magazine. So imagine how it would be in an Army Base.
The way the game weapon spawn now is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.
It just amplifies in a post apocaliptic world, where you would collect even dog shit if it could help you survive.

I have had the gun, the ammo, and the magazine.

In all situations I have loaded the magazine, which has successfully used ammo.

In all situations the moment I load the pistol with the magazine, the info in the top right of huge screen appears white.

In all situations when firing, the gun just clicks and does not shoot.

Monitoring this report.

If I had a gun and came across a gun just like the one I had I would remove anything that might be useful like the magazine and any ammo accessories etc the gun might have and move on down the road. Maybe some guns should have magazine when spawned in but not all of them.

After finding the pistol already with an empty mag, I reloaded it with a full mag and the gun was fully operational.

Lleamen added a subscriber: Lleamen.May 8 2016, 2:39 PM

Even if you don't have a magazine with the gun you should be able to chamber at least one round in the chamber, which I believe is possible with the M4. Every time I've tried I can't.

if anyone else calls a magazine a clip again I might just crack.

Coonsaa added a subscriber: Coonsaa.May 8 2016, 2:39 PM

I think it's normal to carry extra clips on you instead of multiple guns. After you grab the extra clip you could leave the gun. The next person who came through would find the gun but not the clip. Then apparently they would whine like a lil bitch.

Clip was for you animation303

Stop calling them clips... they're magazines...

Clip, magazine... who cares, they are interchangeable parts right.... lol j/k

Related, more prescient issue: you cannot chamber single rounds into the pistol without a magazine, whereas you can with an M4.

Can definitely confirm the inability to chamber one round into the FNP45, however, the M4 is also a little glitched that you can't put a magazine in when you have chambered a round, you should be able to manually chamber a round and still put in a fresh mag, making 30+1 (if it's a 30 round mag).

xenside added a subscriber: xenside.May 8 2016, 2:39 PM

u need FNX45 mag for the FNX45 :P

This is a great troll, killed many people after I leave the gun and 5 rounds on the floor. While they are trying to put the ammo in the gun I sneak up behind them and murder them.

Oh my. Are you going to complain about how 95% of the vehicles will be destroyed/damaged? Cars COME with tires and engines and windscreen glass! why would anyone ever take them off? In this post-zombie apocalyptic world why does it seem like people are taking useful things out of things they don't need and doing something that we must presume is Satanic with them.

I don't store any of my weapons with a magazine in them. It's a safety issue. The military doesn't either. So all of those weapons you find laying around SHOULD be unloaded. Basic firearm safety.

If anything, at least make the FNX45 Mags spawn more. I find way more M4 mags then I do FNX45 mags. It's just ridiculous. I can find all the M4 mags, all the ACP 45 ammo in the world, but not one damn FNX45 mag. Out of 10 M4 mags scoured from military spawns, I've only ran into 1 FNX45 mag.

I found one then logged on a server, and then my character was completely respawned. Need more mags, a lot more, where is the shotgun? I find shotgun rounds everywhere, just no shotgun.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 2:39 PM

you can find only bullets, empty mags or a mag with full bullets.

The same for 7,62mm and 5,56mm and the .357 magnum....

thats fine and i love those system


I love the way they spawn. I personally find more pistol mags. Sorry for your luck man.

Phugoid added a subscriber: Phugoid.May 8 2016, 2:39 PM

Why can't people understand that magazines (NOT clips, clips are something very different) are not part of the gun. You can get different mags for the same weapon produced by different companies.

As to why a pistol would come without a magazine? Perhaps someone who already had a pistol took the magazine out of it, and loaded it with loose rounds and kept it for himself.

What do you think happens in real life when a magazine is empty? They are not thrown away normally (that's what a "dump pouch" is for. It's not for shitting in).

A magazine is kept for a number of reasons:

  1. It can be refilled later with loose rounds.
  2. It might not be empty, in RL it can be difficult to keep track of how many rounds were expended if you're under stress.

Phugoid, I hope your rant has made you feel superior as a gun expert, but unfortunately, it has added absolutely nothing to the post and you have also managed to miss the point, this thread is about the inability to chamber load a single .45 acp round into the gun, something that you can do with the M4 with a single 5.56 even without a magazine. A FNP 45 is not a pistol that has a magazine disconnect, a feature that prevents a gun from firing when the magazine is not inserted, so you should be able to lock the slide back, put one round in the chamber, send it back home and fire one shot, which currently, you cannot.

Weapons can be chambered with single bullets or loaded with magazines.

Magazines spawn separately, which is intended and completely by design.