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Floating Items
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some items in alleys or buildings will randomly be floating 3 feet in the air {F28315} {F28316} {F28317} {F28318} {F28319} {F28320} {F28321} {F28322}


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Please provide more accurate information and any screenshots if possible.

No Screen shots, but I can say I've seen floating Items in the Residential House Areas. Soon as you walk into a House usually right by the door I've seen a Floating Backpack and a floating Med Kit in another house. It's like stuck in the wall...Not just floating in the middle of the room or anything.

Delivered some screenshots here since you closed the other thread already. Most of these are from build 30. This bug is NOT fixed.

I have also noted this in lockers. The few times I saw loot in lockers they were not at the bottom as expected, but floating mid air, just below eye level.

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float and sometimes are not achievable ... objects are wasted when no one can access them ...

Yup, some items are not accessible, for example the can that floats above the TV in one of my screenshots. I was unable to get it via the action menu and vicinity.

This is NOT fixed on current build. Confirmed with MedPack

in the latest exp build 0.47 there is still floating loot in the bigger red two-story buildings, first room upstairs on the right in the upper floor above the TV. if there is loot it is floating almost all of the time. (eg. tuna can)

found floating items several times in these houses with a piano in it, upper floor, sometimes in the middle of the room, once a snaploader in the window (.46 stable)

Bump! This is bad, items sometimes float when player dies