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#vote kick-command IS instakick (on all servers??) without any admin privileges
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It seems to be possible to kick people out of the server even without any admin status. I am a player on DayZ SE 1-6 - Hosted by

I had someone hot micing while no one was around me (I think this issue has already been reported as a bug) so I thought to find a solution to mute the player. After searching I found the player hot micing, but then it dawned to me that I could try if #vote kicking would work on the server so to start the vote and let the players decide what to do for the player currently hot micing.

After typing #vote kick [name here] and pressing Enter the player was directly kicked out of the server when I actually thought it would just point every player to cast down their own votes to kick the hot micing player. {F28250} {F28251} {F28252}


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Here's a video showing a couple of examples how the kick is produced:

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Produced on "DayZ UK 2-7 - Hosted by" server

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Confirming this. Pretty severe problem.
Added a couple of screenshots to show what happens.
You're able to kick yourself (as I tested first), and any other player with no questions asked.

This is confirmed, just tried it on Australian server on my friend. Did the exact same thing.

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This is a really bad bug, please fix this !

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Acknowledged and reproduced by Matt Lightfoot.

Problem resolved.

Fix will be pushed in next update.

Version 0.30.113860

Not fixed in the aforementioned latest version, which could be comprehended as "next update" (see: Note

Could kick myself out of the game using the command and went ahead to test if it still works to kick a random player out, and it worked.

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Also check out issue #1659

Able to vote restart the server immediately, as well voting admin.

Just tried, still working (I kicked myself to report it and nothing else, I don't wanna get banned from the server / DayZ / Steam / ... :) )
I hope it'll be fixed soon

When is this supposed to be fixed? Because it definitely is not fixed now.

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It is not fixed. You can vote yourself for admin and then you can restart server. Last time I played server was restarted like 3 times in 10-15 min interval. I think some one was using this bug to get loot as loot spawn after server restart. This is pretty serious bug and you stated that this is fixed in upcoming patch. But still even after the patch issue still exists.

Also note; "#vote restart" also works to instantly restart the server with no privileges.

Still works, my buddy just tried it, he can't stop laughing.

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I think it's fixed. I tested it in few servers and there was red text "user wants to kick user" and nothing else happened. Same with "#vote restart".

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Also note: "#vote admin {username}"

Should be fixed in version 0.32.114557

If its anything like Arma is (which im quite sure it is) it can be disabled server side, through configs.
So its not really a bug, but a feature "leftover" from Arma, simple needs to be disabled server side.

Simply disable voting and viola :)

Ohh and James, private servers are fixing it? What private servers? lol

I think I saw something similar happen today. I shot someone at NWAF, RIGHT after they die, like a few seconds, the server reboots. I join a different one, and my ammo I used up shooting the guy is back, and I was healed. I assume what happened was the guy rebooted to the server to prevent himself from dying. What a wimp.

Confirmed as of 11 Jan that these bugs are still existing on many servers. I was able to "#vote kick", "#vote admin", or "#kick" players.

FYI, I only kicked myself as part of the testing and did not test the server restart because I did not want to interrupt servers or gameplay.

People reporting it dosnt work. It is due to server.cfg files not edited correctly. Private hosted servers are fixing the problems with a simple change in the file. Public servers are the problem right now.