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Losing all your gear and spawning on the coast after changing server/relogging.
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So this has happened about 5 times so far in my 3 hours game time.
One time, I need to log out to do go do something. I log out, come back 5 mins later, I'm a new character down on the coast. It then happened again after i realised i had accidentally joined a low pop server, so i changed, and yet again, new character down on the coast. This happened around 5 times as i mentioned. The strange thing is, every time i re spawned after this bugged, i was a female, even though my character was set to spawn as a male. {F28244}


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Log out, Log in. It's a random chance.

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I consider this a game breaking bug.

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The original report of this bug appears here:

This report should be merged.

While this bug may have several causes, at least one cause IS REPRODUCIBLE. Specific servers seem to cause character deletion. For example, as described in bug report 78 (linked above), for a period of time it seemed that many (or all) players who connected to server "DayZ (Public/Vetran) 113822 - Hosted by" ( had their character deleted. The procedure to reproduce the bug is to simply connect to an 'affected' server. That is, character deletion seems to be occurring to multiple (or all) players simply by connecting to SPECIFIC SERVERS.

Rocket has suggested this is related to server white-listing. If this is the case, then the devs NEED to acknowledge that this bug has a known cause.

This has happened to me 3 times as well. Please fix asap!

This is why we need private hives...

This bug happens when you join a private hive and then join an official server.

In that case, I really don't think it's a bug. If you want to play on private hives you're going to wipe your local data by pulling from the private hive. There's nothing the developers can (or some might argue should) do about this.

Same thing just happened to me.

Edit: Literally just had it happen again, no less than about 20 minutes after posting this. Why the priority on this is Low is beyond me.

The save system needs fixed badly.

Re: ZedsDeadBaby

Disagree. Private hives should be uniquely namespaced so it's possible to switch between any number of private and the public hive and maintain unique characters on each.

I have the exact same problem. This is really bad and i lost hours and hours of gameplay because of this. Changed servers and all of a sudden, lost my stuff

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If u server up 4 servers u will lose ur stuff :P

Combat loggers should lose their gear...just because its a public hive doesn't mean you can combat log, hop into a new server, wait a few then pop back over to the other server.....screw em. Private Hives are just that....geared for one way should the 2 intertwine.

Same exact problem, need to fix ASAP even if its Alpha.

Posted this in addition to another report of this same issue:

This has happened to me twice, both times I have been far North, the one thing that is the consistent when the reset would happen, I would be hiding in a tree.

Not by any tree, but by a pine tree. I would be in by the trunk so that I would not be spotted upon logging in. However, when I logged in I was at the coast with nothing.

This has happened on two different servers. The first I was logged off for about 8 hours, the second was maybe 5 seconds.

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Happen to me as well. One time it happen just logging in, another time it was a BSOD then re-logged in to get sent back to coast.

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Same to me, happened 3 times on my first 7 games.

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logged out just fine 2 days ago - come back rejoin the same server I was on and I now have nothing but an empty M4 - no clothing, no food, no items etc.. Tried re-logging multiple times but no dice..

the priority of this is HIGH do you not know what christmas and new years is? It is called the developers are on break and have mentioned this fact. If you don't like it don't play.

Got error this happen to me 2 times in 20 hrs.

Happened to me!
On a character I had for +6 hours.

Kinda upsetting.

Same for me, already happened 2 or 3 times. : (

Why doesn't this have a higher priority? The game is no fun if your items keep getting reset. My char got wiped over an hour ago and I still can't bring myself to farm it back knowing that my items will probably vanish again. I want to just run to the nearest military base and gear back up, but I can't even motivate myself to find food/drink for the journey. Just miserable. The amount of time i'd need to sink back into this game to get my items back, with the risk that they could suddenly vanish seemingly without reason... not happening.

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So far this has happend to me twice today. First time I ever had a nagant with long range scope, boom gone after a server got reset. Second time I finally geared up after getting raped, boom all gear gone again... Makes the game unplayable untill this is fixed

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"No messages received" Countdown (but server not resetting)
Comes back without kicking me out.
Super laggy
Leave because lag
Find a different server
Join, spawn at coast.

Friend I was playing with did the exact same as me, only when he joined the server I was on, he still had his character and location.

Confirming this. Happened to me as well.

Same issue, very frustrating. Log out in the evening after a success day of scavenging, log back in the next day and have to start all over.

Also want to add that this being a "low" priority is definitely not accurately classifying the severity of the issue.

I lose my character in the same server many times. This problem seems a little deeper then just a server change.

I had been following this one instead (duplicate: Why is this one, with more votes, low priority, and the other is normal?

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same here, but i think its a server thing, i joined an experimental server and i started with new character. ... i switched to normal server and my gear was restored

Testing on newest update

2014-01-05 changed server due to lags and lost all gear. My friend changed server same time, but haven't lost anything.

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Joined a friend today (joined serveral times on the same person,different servers)
Just said you character has been reset, respawn to play, many night straight down the drain.

I can confirm this bug, i can also have a possible idea how this happens.
If you log out from a server, and log in to another to quick, the char data isnt updated quick enough, same as when u log out from a server, and log back in the same one within 30 seconds after logging out, the system hasnt logged you out yet, and so you are unable to spawn as your character is still active, and the server will spawn you as a default character.

  • hope it helps.

Dutchy03 --> I don't think the problem is related to changing servers too quickly. I've had this issue happen at the first connection of the day as well as any other.

Happens a lot less frequently now. Although if I join a server that, for some reason or another, does not seem to load for me, the risk of losing my character is more present.

This is a duplicate report. Due to a large number of thread on the same topic we will be moving all discussion to a main report.

Refer to 0000078: Character save loss [PRIMARY REPORT] for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

Thank you.

Wow, thanks for restoring characters :)
@Ounissi: where can I get the information about the problem and its resolvation? Unless I check the game

Problem resolved, Thanks again, awesome work :)

Seems all characters are deleted again :(
I guess this character whipe is again the result of the upcoming patch to 0.33 ... Were there any database updates included? I didn't receive any client update or any announcement of server updates. This is very ugly! Please inform us! I expected a character whipe... but I expected it to happen tomorrow, as the patch maintenance is scheduled for the 5th :-/
I hope that the developers can find a way to save character data over the update process. Also I would appreciate a complete shutdown of servers for the update process.

Nam added a comment.Feb 4 2014, 11:52 AM

Played all night last night, with no issues. Had to relog once, and spawned where I had logged off. Played for about 1,5 hour more and logged off for the night. This morning, i logged on, as a fresh spawn. Played for about 45 minutes, logged off for breakfast, logged back on about 20 minutes later, as fresh spawn. Started server hopping a bit there and then, and kept spawning frsh somewhere on the beach, different locations all the time...

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same problem ... as ALWAYS ...
pls get this fixed :((((((

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Same problem

Same here! my friends character froze in place running on my screen so he logged out and we both had gear we'd accumlated over hours and hours medical kits, food water tons of weapons and ammo you name it. WHen he logged back on he had basic items and lost all his gear. i played for another 10 mins or so and then the server disconnected and I went back to the menu. At the menu I still had all my gear visible on my player but once I joined the server again, my spawn area and gear were all reset. So bummed!

Jochan's issue is the same one I'm having. I was once a dead character on a different server and then a completely random character on another, no idea why I was that character even.

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I have all kinds of characters on different servers. Including fully geared character that died few days BEFORE the patch hit. That one surprisingly is most consistent, I've had that one on at least 10+ servers

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Seems to happen right after server reboot most of the time - if you get stuck hanging on "please wait...", you have to relog and enjoy your new character.

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omg... It's all about servers hive... I bet you don't know what is hive... pls stop spaming and doing useless topics

Same here! But some of my characters pop up again next day or so, but now I have like 3 saved ones, always a suprise wich one pops up next, but I need to leave servers for some time to get back the gear!!

I wanted to add that I am experiencing the same issue with the following conditions:

  • Every time I leave a server and rejoin my character is reset.
  • The above is regardless of whither I am on the same server or a different one.
  • No one was around me when I left the server. (Including zombies)
  • I recently opted into the beta steam client, however this did not start happening until today.

I hope some of this feedback helps so it can be fixed asap. I don't mind restarting after dying, or even misc. game glitches, but I don't want to have to restart from scratch just because I disconnected to relieve myself, or eat food(IRL).

Hey guys, I recently re-reported this problem with all the information and testing I could find: Please add any other conditions in which this bug seems to appear.

Fix please..

Same thing happened to me and friend of mine. Do not know if has to do with logging into/out of certain servers or not. However, it seems to happen even if your character is healthy and has not been attacked by a zombie, or someone who who has been hit many times.

IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU: follow what Demigod said:

  1. Don't move when you log in
  2. Immediately log off.
  3. Change server
  4. log back in.
  5. IF it does not work, repeat and try a different server

if this does not work after the 2nd or 3rd server change then it is not gonna work. This is your BEST CHANCE (as of when this was written) or getting your stuff back.

Also, avoid hitting esc when loading into a server, that seems to increase the chance of this happening.


After having it happen to me a few more times, here is what I have found:

  • If you leave while bleeding on a server, there is a chance of this error happening
  • If you leave the server without having moved and it has been under at least a minute since you could actually play, there is a chance of this happening
  • If you esc out of a server while loading, there is a chance of this happening.

What i did and did not seem to have a problem

  • Made sure I was not under attack or bleeding at all
  • Made sure I moved about a bit and was in the server for a minute or two
  • Made sure I entered similarly named servers and have the same string of numbers if they did (for example: "NJ 2-9 (Public3PP:On) 114008" i made sure i picked 114008 servers)

I did not have a problem for a short time doing exactly those three things. The first time i logged out shortly after entering the game, it happened again. This really needs to be fixed, it makes the game almost pointless, 2 days worth of work, gone, because of a server bug.

demigod added a subscriber: demigod.May 8 2016, 2:08 PM

When this is happens to you just do not move,log out and try different servers.SOMETIMES (not always) you can get your character back.

This happened to me and 4 of my friends AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME. 2 of my friends avoided it. Here is what happened to us and what happened where it was avoided:

Character loss: 6 of us were all playing together, running down a road. The server was scheduled to restart. We played until the restart and were booted from the server. We waited about 20 seconds and refreshed and then joined the server once it came up. It seemed to just hang there saying "Please wait" for me and 4 others who joined off me. We were all wiped.

Avoided loss: 2 of my friends logged into another different server at exactly the same time we did. Quite simply, they were spared. The issue seems that it may either involve or become exacerbated by logging into a server that just booted up.

Mid Game been playing for hours, game crashes to desktop. Spawns on coast as newbie.

I've experienced this problem only one. It happened when I tried to log onto a server immediately after it restarted. On that first log in attempt the game did not want to load properly so I tried to log in again and found myself on the coast. Interestingly enough. The dead body of my previous character was found by my friends who logged in near it.

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Just happened to me after a server restart.

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Yea who's idea was it to allow guests to post?
It was bad enough with everyone repeating the same problem hundreds of times instead of just voting.