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Broken leg status not saving
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On three occasions now i have been able to fix a broken leg by reconnecting.

once on an older stable build, cant recall the exact version, and twice on 113594


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Jump from an appropriate height to break leg(deerstand works but can take a few attempts to break the leg)

Reconnect, leg is good as new.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

***This issue is possibly related to the god mode bug people are getting. I broke my leg the other day and after that happened I disconnected, rejoined, and the leg was healed. Then I wanted to kill myself to spawn closer to a friend and every time I "died" I didn't have the option to respawn, only disconnect and reconnect, except alive and with all my stuff.

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Happily, I also had this 'problem', although for me my legs were fixed by changing servers. I changed survers because the server I was on rebooted - a possible connection with responses below.

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My Legs have also been fixed by changing servers I fell of a pair of stairs in a barn and and since no one was around tried to find a server with people near by to put me out of my misery instead i found my legs where fixed

Last night I was crawling around with a broken leg for about an hour and a half waiting on a friend to show up with a morphine injector. The server reset and when I reconnected my leg was healed and I could run around no problem.

this happened to me after I broke my leg trying to get something off of a table. It was at the back of the table and couldn't ever reach it. Broke leg on table trying to reach it.

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100% true. Reconnecting is better than morphine.

Confirm. was crawling for 20 minutes today with broken legs. Then got disconnected. Reconnected (different server) and my legs were just fine.

Confirmed on the current build. Logging fixes broken legs

Fixed on current experimental build.

Closing as fixed.

Hey folks! Thanks for your help!

We have done some adjustments regarding this problem and it should be fixed in the next stable update.

Current ETA: 5-7 February 2014