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Rotation Widget Resetting Itself
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I've noticed the past few days I've been scenario building that when using the rotation widget and trying to rotate an object horizontally on the X-axis in a very small increment causes the object to snap back to original position before rotation. It has meant I have had to rotate a large increment and then rotate it to the area originally unable to do with small increments.

This issue applies to both singular and multiple objects, it also occurs when using the snap rotation grids in 1* degree increments.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  • Open Eden Editor
  • Place object
  • Select Rotation Widget
  • Rotate object on X-axis very slightly, maybe 1-2 degrees.
Additional Information

If needed I can upload a video to show this error occurring but it has caused a lot of headaches.

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I do see it snap back but I've noticed something else.

By default Toggle Rotation Grid is set at 15 degrees but when rotating an object it rotates at 0.1 degree increments.
If you choose an option then it rotates at the selected value the minimum being 1 degree.

Shouldn't there be a 0.1 degree option?
The only way to get back to small increments is to restart the editor.

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Please take a look at following ticket: #0025886

There you will find the solution for your problem.

Best regards

I think he means if you rotate the object lets say 0.8 when you release the mouse it jumps back to 0.0.

If you move it 2 degrees it stays at 2 degrees.

This has nothing to do with moving the object from point a to b.

Rotation grid is toggleable and is off by default. You can tell whether it's on or off based on whether the button has a white outline; if it does, it's on. Turning it off again should let you make small angle changes.

I've noticed that this happens with the translation widget too, if you try to move an object a very small amount it just snaps back to its original place. It's rather annoying. I suspect it's supposed to give you an option to "abort" the adjustment, but there's not reason for that now that undo/redo is a thing.

This is definitely not the same issue as 0025886.

Ah I see, what you are meaning. I've changed the relationship to my ticket.

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Cannot reproduce in v2.04.

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