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Calling BIS_fnc_3DENShowMessage causes the game to crash
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Calling the function with the syntax from the function header causes the game to crash

[<text>,(<title>,<buttonOK>,<buttonCancel>,<icon>,<parentDisplay>)] call BIS_fnc_3DENShowMessage;

I removed the brackets instead and spawned the function, which works fine.
[<text>,<title>,<buttonOK>,<buttonCancel>,<icon>,<parentDisplay>] spawn BIS_fnc_3DENShowMessage;


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thank you for your feedback.

Would it be possible that you try this out without any mods, and should the crash happen again, send us crashdumps for that crash?

Thank you

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Looks like if you spawn it (not sure about call, as it crashes) the code assigned to the buttons are executed once the dialog is created.

Can anyone confirm this?

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