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Not happy with new Nexus Update introduced new stamina too much weapon sway !!!!
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since the last update ( nexus ) etc. The new stamina system is horrible. the weapon stabilization is horrendous. I have had to unload pretty much my whole
custom load out kits. so its now pretty much pointless and unplayable.. You have made a great game with the old fatigue system, now absolute RUBBISH. its ridiculous... would be nice if it had a simple on off function for those who want or like it and for those who hate it like my self. so unless its goes back as it was. I won't be playing Arma 3 anymore.. Thanks
So please, please, please, bring back the old fatigue and stamina / weapon stabilization BACK PLEASE... I am NOT HAPPY as I just upgraded my GPU just for this game and you's have now made it disgusting and pointless to play as I can't carry anything. WHAT ARE YOU'S THINKING..seriously. its terrible. lots of my friends no longer want to play it either.. please have a good think about this. I was a huge fan of ARMA 3 but not now, don't even want to play it.. so back to Battlefield etc... might have to try rainbowsix siege or something now... bye bye


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Lots of people on servers I played on not happy... you will lose a lot of people and I won't bother promoting the game to anyone now either because of this stupid stamina update.....
Thanks for listening, my fingers are crossed it goes back to its former beauty. or at least a way to disable it and just have original fatigue on.

sincerely 1 Now unhappy ARMA fan...

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This update 1.54 is a total mess with his new stamina, fatigue and weapon sway sistem . And the biggest shit is the almost double weight of weapons from sniper dlc. Somebody stupid increased the weight of those weapons, making them useless.

+1 its way to exaggerated

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related to #0026732 and #0026864

Koala, please remove your negative vote.

If I was a developer of this game, I would laugh for a time reading this. So, 1 of the 1.000 features of the game is not according to your desires, and you decide to go play another game which maybe has like 5 features of that 1.000...

Ok, go to play Battlefield, please, please!!!!

I dislike sway the way it works now, but I think there are better ways and arguments to discuss this.

Complaining when you cannot carry a sniper rifle, with a caliber capable of killing in one shot a protected guy from 1.5 Kmts distance, and sprint for more than 20 seconds... oh kid...

Ah, and you can disable it!

^^ i wish i could upvote that

BTW the force walk in the vanilla Arma 3 is 45 kg . Go get a backpack put in 45 bottles of water and run a bit lets see how long. The Stamina system is not bad. It needs some polish anyway. But that not a topic for the feedbacktracker its for the forums. And most loadout in fatigue were created like: 1 heavy weapon 1 rocket launcher(with loaded rocket ) 2 rockets in backpack about 10 mags for the weapon soma fak and some nades. I check my previous loadouts they were at 65kg. That is absolutly unrealistic. Now the role assigments are clear. A normal soldier now uses a 6.5 or 556 rifle istead of a 7.62 or bigger. Thats how it should be.

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Thank you TheMasterofBlubb

I don't want to be offensive, but if I read argumentations like those from dazzz666 or Pershing, I imagine myself a typical kiddie from Battlefield or Call of Duty.

Those people never carried a loaded sniper rifle/heavy or light machine gun and/or rocket launcher in combination with ammunition, a body armor, helmet and a full backpack.

Listen to you dickheads seriously... Comparing it to real life...... Its a fucking game remember.. And its was much more playable and enjoyable as it was.. I aint no kid.. I just hate when developers keep fucking and changing shit that didnt fucking need changing. I shoot guns all the time roo shooting and i can tell you it aint that hard to hold a fucking high powered rifle still. Especially on bipod. So if they are trying to make it life like they are way off.. The sway is ridiculous.. As if you all don't want the old system back.. Stop voting down you fuckheads

Insulting people wont help you in any way. Yes weapon sway is sometimes too hard. But you wrote about the stamina system so stay there. The weapon sway is a indrpendent system. Its just getting triggered by the stamina system. So did you tried running around with 65kg? As you are shooting take your rifle(lets say 10kg) and 55kg backpack. Run 1km go to the firing range lay down and shoot.

Mr dickhead / fuckhead is very sorry for calling you Kid. I wonder why I thought you are a Kid. Can't say why. Truly. Maybe the nick, not sure.

Anyway now I will sleep better knowing the world is safer with an armed kid capable to carry 65 Kgs and shoot all the time experience and do it well.

Sticking to the point: stamina system, you first say carrying all that stuff and be combat useful is possible, but in the other hand you say "cmon man, it's a game". Please, make a decision between both:

  • Stamina is unrealistic.
  • It's a game.

Then maybe some other Kid reads this and will have a clear idea in mind of your point and what do you want.

In the meantime you can go play Battlefield, or even better, make use of your Rambo skills and join whatever war against terrorists.

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upvoted because BI didn't manage these features along with difficulties. There are 4 difficulties (at least). That should mean the way to please any players.

The difficulties are for some other stuff. When you play on easy and have a loadout it could be that this loadout is not working on elite because of other settings. The easier difficulties are more to get in the game to learn how to play how to manage your gear!!! While not every mistake will kill you.
Forgot to add: Pershing the weapon sway is in the game for 3 versions at least. Its not new anymore.

Difficulties are for what we want. And, frankly, it's the right term and the right place to set the difficulty of walk. But BI could add a parameter as well.

There is a complete list of parameters you can change in the stamina system. Its fully customizable. Thats why i dont know why people are complaining about KotH or Wasteland. This are gamemodes made by SaMatra when they decide to change the values they do if not ge along with it. Like i said the difficulties are for some other stuff that has nothing to do with the playstyle its more about how good the enemys are.

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I have done real life fire exercises with out being shot at. So even with less adrenaline because you are not being shot at, you can still easily engage targets 0-200 meters, ESPECIALLY within 50 meters no mater how exhausted you are! It is ridicoules that you can hardly hit a full size standing target within 30 meters with this new update! SO unrealistic and crap! When you can do better IRL, the simulation have deffenately failed! Please fix!!!

Master of Blubb, did you hear about backward (or retro) compatibility? The less a professional team should pay attention for unless willing to ruin thousands hours of work for community.
Days after days, i wonder if there is a quality process at BI. I'm not so sure.
How many commands, functions are any more working and need "patches"? a lot if you browse feedback tracker.

Related to #0026889, #0026967 and #0026975

What about sway, fatigue and stamina for enemy AI's. I have hundreds hours of play in Arma and I'm still amazed by the skill (even at idle) of Ai's. They have far better view, far better lunges and far better stamina than players. Did they have weapon sway?...

PiepMGI: There is backward compatibility. Check the commands in biki.

But if you expect 100% of the times a software is updated, the mission editors won't have to do anything with their missions, then I suggest you to take a walk by any app development company and ask them what do they think about O.S updates.

And regarding AI skill, it's configurable too. BIS only gives the chance to have from useless idiots to Rambo war machines. If the AI is too skilled for you, it's mission designer fault.

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OK, i was holding real equippment - 40 KG and PKM. Never wasnt any super-power super-man, and i was capable of keeeping so heavy machinegun steady by kneeing. How is this possible if i wasnt strong man? It was and it still is, bacuse all depend of soldier posibilities. Off course after 3 km of march it was barelly impossible to clearly aim target, but lying on the ground was solving the problem. But in arma world problem is, ai is great super-mans, and see through grass, and sink into the ground, SO GIVE PLAYER SOME CHANCES TO DAMM AIM THE TARGET! Thats all, if we have super hard, unrealistic skilled AI, we should have unrealistic easy in some other way. Simply?! Now, apply that please.

TutSi thats the wrong object of discussion. This ticket is not about the weapon sway. Its about the Stamina system. I dont understand people mixing this 2 functions. We had exactly the same weapon sway function before and after. What changen is the stamina system replaced the fatigue system. The stamina system gives the weapon sway function the amaount of swaying. Still those 2 are independent. To your post yes going prone and using bipod helps a lot. I agree that there is a problem with weapon sway when using bipod or resting. But that problems are not new. So the author is not happy with the Nexus update. That excludes the weapon sway. Please start discussing about the stamina system.

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Some tweakings were made by the developers in the latest dev-branch (11.12.2015):

Maybe some of you guys test it and write a result, if the weapon sway is better?

After the update I'm very happy with everything. First server I joined I did have to adjust my load-out, but it was way too much for anyone in the real world to carry anyway. Haloed in and after 15 minutes of playing had 19 kills and 0 deaths. Two other players with me were it seems, were like most players dying and complaining about the update instead of learning to use it. Second server I joined running scarlet insurgency a very hard co-op after two hours 98 kills and 7 deaths (4 helo crashes, stupid pilots). So not sure what the problem is guys. I'm not one to run around on any map to begin with (which is one of the things people complain about me) I'm slow and careful, just like we train in the real world. I've yet to see any tactical group, either Swat, Seal, Delta, Ranger that doesn't move slow and carefully into any situation, unless it some Hollywood movie crap. This isn't a timed match or xp game, so there is no need to rush in and do anything, except get killed way too many times. I also don't fly period. I don't want to kill anyone with my crappy flying, as I'm sure most of you have experienced from time to time. I realize it's a big change for some players, and for others it doesn't seem to affect their proficiency while playing. I offer anyone to come play with me on a server and I would be happy to see what you’re doing and if I can offer any help. As for hours in this version of Arma I have over 2200.
Love it, like it, Want more of it Sir! Oh yeah I'm an old fart too! This is my Steam ID SgtNickFury way up north in cold, cold Maine' Not trying to be a smart a or blow smoke up you’re a either. It's something that's easy to learn how to use. If you have to use PA or some other mod join a server that allows all the mods, or turns off the fatigue to make it easier for people. Me I like servers that are First Person Only, no Halo, specific mos. slots, all the things that make it harder and pushes me to be better at playing. IE Scarlet Insurgency is a very hard co-op mission and only for expert level players. One of the hardest you will find outside of someone being Zeus.

I spent 6 years in the US Army 68mike and then 16 years in the US Air Force as a CATM Instructor. That is a Combat Arms Training and Maintenance Instructor/Range Master. I'm very familiar with both US, NATO and Foreign weapons, how to use them, repair them and of course train others to also.
My job was to " Allow you the soldier, to give the enemy the maximum opportunity to die for his country".

Nothing to add. Where is the upvote button for this?

@ Barbolani: his master's voice. Don't treat other players as Rambo and don't suggest to have a tour on other games! I spent hundred hours on Arma3 which is probably the most interesting game i play... and i script everyday for it! See my posts on armaHolic. I'm familiar with commands and functions. So, my advice is almost as worthy as yours. When i script for friends, the playability is reached with AI skill < 0.2 in vegetation environment like Kunduz map.
And when I write for backward compatibility, it's not for stamina only but all commands which are broken after 1.48 or 1.54: bis_fnc_setTask (patched now) , some house classes disappeared, inputAction (with ctrl) since 1.48, hideObject (in preview/SP)... and all issues with servers. Just have a look at feedback!
For sure, if you don't write a line of script, you don't worry with this problem.

@PiepMGI: Easy tiger. In no part of my message you can see any reference as you not (or yes) being scripting wise. I'm only saying all those parameters are tuneable, just as you make with your own missions.

But, I will be very explicit here: you don't know what's "backward compatibility" concept.

Having bugs (yes, I suffer them too, with very bad comsecuences) or not has nothing with backwards compatibility.

That concept is more about having made any change of some code, older related code hasn't need to be adapted or heavily adapted in order to keep it's functionality.

So, enableFatigue (old command) is having effects in the new system, not just unfunctional or giving crash. That's backward compatibility.

Messing with BIS_fnc_setTask and adding a boolean where it is not supposed to be, is just a bug. And of course has to be corrected.

Enough is enough. You want the last word? Please, have it! I've other things to do with script than sterile talk here. You play with words. Say there is no backward compatibility, just shit changes for workable commands/functions which are no more workable for community scripts and need tons of tickets each time a big version is released. All is fine! Answers are known: indefinite "new", "resolved" when duplicated and "reviewed" when in your dream. To be honest, sometimes "resolved" means resolved and "new" means new.

Ok, then I will have the last word: same as you, I am not happy with the last patch, even more, I am not happy with the sway (yes with the Stamina which is the topic of this thread).

I don't think the patch has been well done, has a lot of BUGS (not lack of backward compatibility) and the sway has not been tested enough.

How the hell a game development company publishes a patch and disables their own functions????

But this thread is about stamina, and honestly I like it.