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[REQUEST] Change how triggers are displayed
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Triggers in Eden are really ugly. It is really not nice to see, and kind of ruins the sight. I am talking about those massive blue circles/rectangles/squares/whatever form they are. On top of that, it really is not practical. I've attached a screen for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about.

I suggest replacing the massive blue halo by a simple circle on the ground, like the one used with Zeus when calling an artillery shot. It is much simpler, easier to see. In all aspects, to me, it would be a better design choice.


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It doesn't have to look nice. It just has to do it's role, and showcase it well.

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I somehow agree, as long as they do the job, I wouldn't complain. But the fact is, it really isn't practical, not only in an aesthetic way, but also because seeing the borders of the triggers is pretty hard to see. The trigger doesn't really stand out from the terrain. Right, I could use the map then. But what would be the point of having a 3D Editor if, in the end, we still have to use the 2D map?
Thanks for being so rude by the way. Bet you didn't even bother to check the screenshots.

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You know what, after your point of "borders of the trigger", I have to agree with you. Apologies for rudeness

Glad to see that this issue has been acknowledged. No worries TCVM.

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The blur circle is necessary since Triggers also now support Height along the Z axis.

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