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Sounds played via say3d are incredible quiet when being inside vehicles, even open ones
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When you play a sound via say3d and are inside a vehicle, the sound is played _VERY_ quiet and I don't think this is intentional.
I first thought this would be connected to the attenuation type, but the problem persists even on open vehicles like the quadbike.

Switching to third person obviously changes the volume back to normal.


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Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

• Get inside a quad in first person
• Use say3d to play a sound from a near object
• Notice that it's very quiet
• Disembark or switch to third person
• Notice that the sound will be WAY louder

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say3D alt syntax

from say3D [sound, maxDistance, pitch, isSpeech, offset]

just set isSpeech to true, it will as the wiki says

filters are not applied to it (i.e. house or vehicle interior one).

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This comment was removed by BIS_fnc_KK.

A duplicate private ticket with information about the fix for this issue is,

This issue can probably be closed as an outdated version of the private ticket.

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Issue is fixed and working correctly on development branch in the duplicated private ticket.

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